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sometimes can give you a headache on a simple repair put the two screws back on it this one right here and we have another one let me sing this one right here there you go now set put them the plastic cover and all right just for this little part on the bottom is six screws all right there we go gonna put our battery back in place and the back cover and but a pimple boom our phone is being fixed we're gonna wait for this one to turn on okay the phone is on and as you guys can see it smoothly working successful guys successful we have done it once again we fix our phone there we go testing the camera front camera and everything seems to be working just fine right there okay there you go guys that's how you replace the S screen on the Motorola authorized distributor f4 thank you guys for watching I hope this video helped you I hope you liked the video don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you in the next video guys thank you

Different Types Of Parts In A Mobile Phone

What's up guys Siobhan here back with the new video and today we'll be looking at all these motor mods we're gonna try them out so if you guys didn't know motor months are Motorola phone parts' new way of going out with the modular world so here we have a bunch of different motor months basically every motor money can get we have the Hasselblad true zoom right here we have the motor insta share we have the motor turbo boost pack which is the one that everyone should be interested in we have my phone right here let me put that to the side and then these are just basically non-functional cases that basically just brings colors to the back of your phone.

Phone Parts And Accessories

This is a nylon piece these will cost you around $15 I assume yeah it cost around $15 they look really nice as you can see this is my favorite one I have the red one right here also one of my favorites looks really nice we also have this not bumbu but this wood finish so if you like wood if you like good you listen to it like this one so yeah let's try them out let's see what they sound like so the first one I'm gonna test out guys is, of course, no let's just go through a quick look book of how these would look so here's the Motorola phone parts Z to play a very nice phone this is how the nylon ones would look on your phone so all you need to do is just snap it towards the pins right here as a kid CSIS.

Just like that it gives your phone an amazing look it looks very nice just like that and if you tired of this one just simply pop it out get another one boom simple looks nice looks elegant just like that really amazing let's try another one which is this nylon one that I said is my favorite I took some photos of this outside looks really nice and as you can hear it has this fabric feel to it so definitely something elegant and it looks great with the black phone in my hand right now now let's move on to the stuff that are more functional so let's bring them closer right here so we have the insta sheer Hasselblad true zoom we might go outside for this one and then we'll have the Jamiel Sun boots so this is the Jeremy else on boost too and it also comes with an application that you could try out if you please so here we go let's play something on our phone