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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #mountainmonday with
thanks to @bashadow

The Matterhorn, located on the border between Italy and
This majestic mountain towers over the surrounding
landscape and stands almost 15,000. ASL.
It is recognisable from quite a....

IMG_4448 aaaa.JPG
distance away.
In Italy it is called Cervinia.
IMG_4761 (2).JPG


It has a pretty distinct shape. Beautiful!

It stands out in the crowd of mountains... lol
Over 500 have died trying to climb it, and is ranked 9th most difficult in the world..

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I'm happy just to look at such things. We can learn from the mistakes of others. lol

lol..yes...although the view could be worth the risk....

That's when you take a helicopter!

Think I’ll climb before taking a chopper...

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