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RE: Walking the Ring of Steall, Glen Nevis

in #mountainmonday2 years ago

The names of the places are intimidating and even scary but the marvelous view made up for it. The way you described them as sapping your energy and having to psych yourselves to move on does not apply even lol! It's all worth the hike and thank you for sharing it to us.

What was the Mountain Leader award for?

Saw this featured by @steemitworldmap.


Thanks @leeart - really glad you enjoyed my post. It is definitely worth the effort for those views!

The Mountain Leader Award is an official qualification for guiding people in the mountains.

Oh i see. Is that applicable anywhere?

No - the Mountain Leader award is only valid in the UK. There is also an International Mountain Leader Award that qualifies you to work in Europe too - not sure about other countries though. But I've heard that it costs about £3000 to train and qualify!

Wow! That's a lot!