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RE: Walking the Ring of Steall, Glen Nevis

in #mountainmonday2 years ago

Thanks @tattoodjay! It was an amazing hike. We were so lucky.
That was definitely my attitude with that bridge. At least it wasn't too high up - if it had been, I might not have done it!


Most welcome Yes the higher ones of those bridges are an experience i did one that was real high and long I wont say I freaked out but i was so relieved when I got over it and went a long way around for getting back without having to cross it again LOL

Goodness - that sounds terrifying! I would definitely take the long way round, there and back!

It was a bit in a third world country and the bridge she looked a little rickety but we needed to get to where we were going in a hurry so we went for it on the return leg there was no urgency so we could take the longer way down and up hills to avoid going over it again

Aargh! That sounds so scary.

Looking back it was a bit scary but at the time we were in a rush, I was carrying the radio for a Medic to get to someone suffering with heat stroke, so we didnt have time to think about it we just went for it, but after we got across we looked back and said that was crazy LOL

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