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RE: Seven Munros in a day, and halfway to "compleation"

in #mountainmonday2 years ago

I'm the same - I was warned off colourful berries as a child, though I think the white ones are the most dangerous! You do have to make sure they're the right ones, so I'm not sure if these are the same ones that grow on roadsides. Check the leaves!
There are other red berries that you can eat - haw berries and rowan berries taste a bit yeuch, but they're nice in jam, as are rosehips. It might be haw berries that you see on the roadsides. They're the berries of the hawthorn tree, and you see them all over the place. They're not poisonous. But you won't like them!

haw berries.jpg
Haw berries


Yes those are the ones!

If my dog wont eat them, they are generally not edible.., though he spits out blackberries.. fussy bugger!

Haha! He's got no taste. Blackberries are my favourite.

He's still dumb enough to take them, then spits em out.. fussy hound!

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