Mountain Monday

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I saw some posts for the tag #mountainmonday initiated by @keithboone and decided that I want to participate in this challenge.

In my old albums, I find some shots I took with my first digital 1M pixel camera so the quality is not in line with today's standards, but anyway.

Some of them are from 2001.

Time flies fast but photos and memories are still with us.


In Slovenian mountains afternoon, storms are quite often.

And dangerous too.


Spring time.

On 2200 m snow is persistant.


Even in August is still there and waiting for a new shipment soon.


On the fog edge.

When I looked to the east,

sončni zahod.JPG

and then turned to the west.

I think it was well worth climbing and sweating.

Slovenian mountains are very beautiful. Maybe next Monday I'll show you more.

Have a good and successful week, my friends.


Greetings @oldtimer,

What a lovely post......the photographs are splendid!!

All the best to you and your good lady. ^__^


Thank you, my friend.

Wow you captured the lightning and nature so well. Spectacular views.

Thanks, my friend.

These are all amazing shots. My favorite is the lightning photo. It's an amazing timely photo.

Thank you.
A split of the second, indeed.

Oh, those edge of the fog pictures were brilliant!! I love them both and they have such a magical feeling to them.

Thank you for the awesome share and photos like that never get old!

I know you hate being tipped, just know I wanted to. ;)

Thank you for your kind words.
And thanks for no tip.

Haha! You are the first person EVER to thank me for no tip! I love it. Hope you are having a great evening!

Such excellent photos! I love the first one with the lightning, and the one with the bank of fog is really awesome! Thanks so much for participating in Mountain Monday! Voted & resteemed :-)

Hello Friend how are you? your gift for photography over the years has surely improved but to be the photos of the year 2001 look very good, the first reminds me of a place in Venezuela called the Rays of Catatumbo, there is a wonderful natural phenomenon with many rays .

Greetings, thank you for buying your memories with us!

You're welcome.

You captured some great mountains. I really like the one with the lightning.

Awesome! I can't wait to go somewhere again, 2000m++ :) Nice photos!

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Amazing photos for 1M camera really, I think this images really reminisce way back 2001 is such a long period of time really, amazing shots they were

Definitely well worth the climb and sweat for these super shots

So gourgious photoshoot,and colour matching also nice,,
Thanks bro for sharing your photography...

Hi, @oldtimer!

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I remember my first digital camera, a Fujifilm way back in the day. I thought it was pure magic how it didnt need film!!

For me, the unlimited number of photos was magic.

Howdy sir oldtimer! yes sir those mountains are beautiful indeed! Some more Monday please!

wow...!! These places and photos looks great @oldtimer

It is amazing sunset photography. so reallly look and very very beautiful
great work.
Thanks sir
Have a nice day