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RE: Is Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) Worth Your Time?

@hanshotfirst. The community needs help. I'm sure you know all about the hostile takeover. All is not lost. Everyone is working together, doing everything we can to get our REAL top twenty witnesses reinstated into the top twenty. You can see my strange little post here:

Please adjust your witness votes. Put all politics aside and please help support our REAL witnesses to help secure the chain and our future here.

All these years I've known you. I never asked for a damn thing. Today I need your help.

Please tell everyone else you can to help as well. I know you got some friends in high places. Let's get this shit done.

We have 5 REAL witnesses in the top twenty now but they'll need help staying there, and of course it would be awesome if we had more in the top twenty.

DUDE! Do this for STEEM.

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