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RE: The Rise of Skywalker: Initial Thoughts from a Geek

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I just couldn't get into the most recent films. I saw the force awakens and it was so cringe worthy that I couldn't see the other ones. I've seen youtube videos that break down what was wrong in the other movies. There is simply too much to get into detail, but The plot and character development didn't make sense to me. Lots of scenes were terrible for a bunch of reasons. These most recent movies are not cannon in my view. I guess I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to these things. The main character has to start at the bottom and work and struggle and overcome in my view. That style of story telling is tried and true. I just didn't get that from what I've seen and heard of the newest movies. Its also annoying when I see political themes in movies. I don't need to be given a lesson about someones narrow world view. The actors and actresses where fine, but the director did a crappy job the way I see it.


I loved The Force Awakens. But I may have looked at it a little differently than other people. I thought it built a bridge between old and young fans. Sadly, it seems it was abridge to nowhere...

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