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This seasonal movie was released in 2016 and I wonder why I didn't watch it until this month. Well, a lot of series are available. It's difficult to keep up with all of them. HBO has released three series I love so much, so whenever I see their hands on another, I develop interest immediately. I've added "The Night of" to one of the amazing series they released.

The storyline isn't something new. A boy was arrested for something he was innocent of. We've seen this in movies already and it plays well in real life. Repeating it in another series looks off, right? That's what I thought when I saw the summary and reviews. However, the ratings online and the fact that it's an HBO special made me curious. I couldn't help but download all the episodes. Only one season was released and it has eight episodes. I'm not sure if there will be another. There shouldn't be. It ended well. They'd destroy the perfection if they advance to continue it.

Naz Khan, the main character of the movie was arrested for brutally killing a lady. All evidence and clues proved he did it, so his ticket out of jail rested on the shoulders of his lawyers. You might be wondering if he is very rich since he had two lawyers. He wasn't. In fact, three lawyers represented him. I'm not here to reveal so many spoilers. I'd love you to find out how an average citizen got the interest of three lawyers. Let's just say he got lucky. They didn't represent him for the money. At first, they wanted to score big. Other notions later settled in.

I felt the movie was rushed though. It should have been longer than eight episodes or better still, some scenes shouldn't have been revealed to us. They were just uncalled for. Chandra developed feelings for Naz way too quickly. There wasn't anything pointing to why she suddenly liked him. She even had a lot of reasons not to. I just didn't see why she had to kiss him back in the cell. She knew there were cameras there. She knew the implications of what kissing him will be, yet she did it. It was totally unnecessary. No sane human would do that even if she was in love. Her reputation and career ended at that moment and we didn't even know what happened to her after the case. It was like she came into the picture and vanished later.

I loved the part where the mum was made to doubt the innocence of her son. It was real. That's the secret about good movies. It should be at least 90% real even if it is science fiction. It would have been barbaric if both parents believed their son was innocent. The mum wasn't sure. At a point, she believed her son was guilty. She thought she didn't really know him. It's normal to think that way after seeing the pile of evidence on him. I finished the whole season in one night because it got me intrigued.

You should check it out if you haven't seen it. Trust me, you will enjoy it.

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Critic: AAA


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