Watching Transformers The Last Knight was two and half hours of wasted time

in #movie3 years ago

I know that people don't watch Transformers movies for the plot, I didn't expect much from it either, but this one was unbearably bad even for a Transformer movie.
from a pointless scene with the kids to a major plot-hole that's once again aliens want something from earth that they can find most anywhere else in universe easier, it was one a constant barrage of annoying details that stopped me from enjoying this CG explosion porn, for example:

is this an attempt to "member" goonies?

just how long fire can burn in an evacuated, alien no go zone with a chain fence around it?

dead samurai transformer left untouched on the battlefield jump scare attempt, does not amuse me.

the old star wars trick is old...

I consider this adding jail bait to the movie for eye candy. there's no other reason to have her in the movie.

yeah she understands robot noise as a language. come on R2D2 let's add you to the merchandise.

this old robot can't control his pee, he leaks while talking...

if you get slapped by a female robot you'll catch pink eyes and you'll become evil.

apparently she can run faster than cars and arrive before everyone.

idiot politician not letting the scientist talk cliche.

they can track you if you talk longer on the phone cliche.

using non lethal weapons when it counts cliche. for comedic effect of course.

this happened...

and this

now if any of my friends asks me what I think about transformers movies, I can give them the link to this posts. I guess that's the only reason behind this post.


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