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This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching the movie "Wonder".

If you are like me and aren't really familiar with the film, at least until I saw it, the film centers around a boy born with severe deformities.

Mostly affecting his face.

After many many surgeries, (I believe they said 30+) he looks about as good as he is going to look.

Which compared to most people is still fairly disfigured.

The plot:

The boy is roughly 11 years old and is facing the life changing course of starting school for the first time as his mom had home-schooled him previously.

To give you some perspective, this little boy liked to wear a space helmet even in his own home so that people didn't see his face.

For him to go to school and face the ridicule of 5th graders is a pretty daunting task to the least.

The film follows the ups and downs of his journey as well as how he impacts others around him.

It shows some of the same interactions through the eyes of friends and family, similar to the way the movie "Crash" first made popular many years ago.

Thoughts on the movie:

Overall the movie was very touching and a great film for the whole family. It had a wonderful overall message of kindness.

It also has a nice collection of cast members, most of whom you would recognize from other films.

I would highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Just make sure you have about 3 hours to block off as the film is rather long.


Good Post! I wanted to see it too! If all goes as planned, I will see it on Saturday.

It's a nice movie

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Wonder is a moving and moving film that if you are a father you will reach the depths.

The one I loved was also Isabela Vidovic who plays the character of Auggie's sister, Via. Wow! The perspective of its reality made me think of those moments in which, as parents, we put reflectors in the eyes of the children that we believe most need us, and in reality each one has its own difficulties and shortcomings.

Important publications I will follow up

WHAT? 3 Hours? That's very long man. But if you say it is as good as you say it is I guess it's worth it's worth a watch. One can always learn a few lessons from the movie. I know you were just giving us a Teaser, but I wish you cold have told us more, heheheh!!! Now I'm curious. Does he ever take the mask off? If so, what did the kids around him say and how did they react?

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