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In social situations, what kind of talking image and style will produce what kind of effect. The language of social interaction should be concise and concise, and carry more and more useful information as much as possible. On the contrary, empty talk and empty words will inevitably damage one's own talking image and style.

Lincoln was handling a case in a courtroom in Illinois, and his assistant picked up the lengthy indictment, which was drafted by a lawyer who was usually extremely lazy. The assistant said to Lincoln, "Surprised, right? Mr. Lincoln. " Lincoln said slowly, "It's like lazy preachers often write lengthy sermons, and they don't bother to stop writing when they write."


President Lincoln once criticized a long-spoken speaker and said, "He is one of the people we met who can compress a lot of words into a few thoughts." Lincoln criticized Congress. He said: "People say that I am heading for hell, but I didn't expect that hell is only a mile away, and there is a dome on it." The U.S. Capitol is a dome-shaped building.

The talk is concise and powerful, which can keep people from losing interest. Redundant words, verbosity, nagging, pointless, will be boring. Many lecturers are precious in words, concise and concise, leaving a precious chapter, which has become a typical example of "the eloquent speaker is silent". It is said that someone once asked Mark Twain, a great American writer, "Is the talk long or short?" Mark Twain did not answer directly, but told such a funny story:

One Sunday, when he went to church, it happened that a philanthropist was telling the miserable life of African philanthropists in piteous language. After the philanthropist spoke for 5 minutes, he immediately decided to donate 50 yuan to this meaningful thing.

After the philanthropist spoke for 10 minutes, he decided to reduce the donation to 25 yuan. After the philanthropist continued to talk for half an hour, Mark Twain decided to reduce it to 5 yuan. After the philanthropist spoke for another hour, he picked up the bowl and begged everyone to donate. When he walked past Mark Twain, he stole two yuan from the bowl instead.


Mark Twain's decision to donate 50 yuan turned into stealing 2 yuan, which seems unreasonable, but after careful consideration, it is taken for granted. Lu Xun said: "Time is life, and wasting other people's time for no reason is tantamount to killing money." It took only five minutes for the philanthropist to finish his talk, but he kept talking for 90 minutes, which caused his talk image to plummet and his talk style to be boring.

How could this not arouse Mark Twain's disgust, so that he stole two yuan from the philanthropist's bowl in a prank? On July 17, 1984, laurent fabius, the 37-year-old new French Prime Minister, delivered a surprisingly short talk with only two sentences: "The task of the new government is to modernize the country and unite the French people. To this end, everyone is required to keep calm and show determination. Thank you all. "


Euphemistic wording and incisive content. At that time, the newspaper commented: "This short and concise talk is priceless, with deep feelings, concentrated thoughts and concise wording. Every word is simple and elegant, and the writing is perfect, which is completely beyond people's expectations." It can be seen that concise words are very popular on any occasion. Because conciseness and conciseness will make people's image and style look cleaner.

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