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Hello Everyone,
I hope you all are in good health and feeling good. If not don’t worry, Just lie. Lie that you are doing good and you are getting better and you will get better (Not at lying but about the situation).

Most of us are human beings, I somehow qualifies. And Human beings are stupid and strange creatures. Now you might me be wondering why this movie review is going philosophical. Because it is must for this review. Like I was saying we do stupid things. Stupid things like how we sometimes love something so much that we accidentally breaks it. We love something so much so that we ended up hurting ourselves but still feels good about it.

It could the toy car or a Barbie that we liked when we were kids. We loved them so much that it was the only thing that we played with and it broke. It could be the person we love so much, cared so much that we kind of restricted them and accidentally broke them too. It could be work that we loved so much that after spending years and years you don’t feel the same energy towards it.

In my case, I think I broke the love that I had for this beautiful anime. Yes, it is one of the most beloved anime. And one of the best anime that I have seen. I loved it from the very first episode. The amazing and beautiful story arcs. The simple characters and their complexities. The background score. It was one of the few show which leaves questions. Questions like what would I do if I was in that situation. Questions like why are we this was. The anime has such a balance between the hope and despair. A story so well crafted that you feel like you grew up with these character. You feel the pain and anger of the character and understand their actions.

And then there is the Live Action Adaptation which is just...

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I came across the live action trailer of Fullmetal Alchemist a couple of months ago. While the horrible memories of the DeathNote Live action adaption was still fresh, the DragonBall Evolution still haunts me. Really whenever I see any images, gifs or memes related to DBZ characters. The point it I was full aware of the fact that no Live action adaptation can come close to the Anime that we love. And Its quite logical. Because of its run time, Anime gets a lot of character development done as they have time to spam episode after episode, See One Piece for example. (Damn that series) and Second and biggest one of all is that its Live Action so you can’t capture the range of emotions the anime characters can display. And honestly speaking I wouldn’t want any actor try imitating the goofiness of any one piece characters (Just imagine all the snot and tears, Yikes!!!).

But one can resist for so long. Having said that, I still feel that FMA Brotherhood Live Action actually did a descent job is capturing some elements of the anime which made it Iconic. The Anime was a roller-coaster of emotions. One minute you would be laughing and next minute you would be saying ‘Damn that...’ probably with tears in your eyes. FMA Brotherhood is one thing which I feel is should be left alone in the anime realm. Trust me I have no hate towards this live action adaptation. Like I said they did a very decent job. But the thing is like after experiencing FMA anime, The Live action feels like its lacking a lot. And that is true. In the live action they tried to capture the chemistry between Ed and Winry. (I am not going to tell you Who they are.) Being a Bollywood sucker I knew that this couple had to end up together but the journey the anime takes us through was very lively. But Like I said the Live action suffers from the disadvantage of being the live action and the chemistry seemed little forced. What I really hated that Live action version tried to copy the comical movement between the characters. That sucked. I would simply go and slap anyone who moves like that to the ground. (Arrrgh..) I missed the awesome music score. Like I said it left me unsatisfied (Yeah, Make all jokes you want) But that’s the truth.

I hate it for what it is, But I also love it as it refreshed some memories of the anime. I would say that this is one of the movies that may end up in my guilty pleasure list. For me this one could be the cheap thing that I can afford to feel nostalgic as I cannot afford to go through all 64 awesome episodes of the FMAB anime. Or Maybe I will. I mean why not.


I am @inuke and I am just confused whether I should watch the FMAB anime or... WAIT!!! There is a live action "BLEACH"...?


Said right! When we love something too much. . ended up hurting ourself.

Phir galta matlab nikal liya... Hahaha.

I'm usually somewhat bemused by live action adaptations of anime SERIES. There's a lot to squash down and it doesn't seem to end well.

Live adaptations of movies could work.

Have you seen Dragonball evolution. Hahaha..
That was such a pain to watch thing. If only I had the power to kamehameha it out of existence.

But it is true you can cram a seriee into one movie or a couple of movies. It's not fair to the original source material.


I haven't seen a lot of Dragonball, didn't really enjoy the handful of eps I watched from before school when I was forced to go to school :)

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