Coco: The New Disney Pixar Movie - (no spoilers) if you haven't seen it yet ... You should

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Today is a very special day because I'm going to give you the review Coco, the new Disney Pixar movie. If you live in Mexico and you already saw it, I'd love to hear your opinion, but if you live in Mexico and have not seen it, or if you live in the United States and are waiting for the release date of November 22, here's a bit of the movie. Do not worry I will not reveal the deepest secrets so you can read with confidence.

Talking about the movie:

Coco tells the story of Miguel Rivera (voice of Anthony González) and his family. The prologue tells you in a very colorful and animated way with papel picado, about the matriarch of the family, Mama Imelda (voice of Alanna Ubach), the history of the family business (they are a family of shoemakers) and the reason why Rivera, in the voice of Miguel "are the only family in Mexico who does not like music".


This presents a crossroads because Miguel loves his family very much but without understanding why, he feels a great passion for music. Certain events on the morning of the Day of the Dead reveal that he is the great-great-grandson of Ernesto de la Cruz (voice of Benjamin Bratt), the most famous musician in the history of Mexico. This gives him the strength to face his family and tell them his passion for music.


Unfortunately things do not go as he expected, but his revelation unleashes an adventure that neither he nor his family expected.

When Miguel "borrows" Ernesto de la Cruz's guitar from the singer's crypt something magical happens and suddenly he is no longer part of the living. His friend, the street dog Dante is the only one who can see it, or so Miguel believes. Soon you will realize that you can also be seen by your family members from the world of the dead.


A magic of color and visual emotion begins from the moment that Miguel arrives at the world of the dead and that is when the real adventure begins. Miguel will meet Mama Imelda, his great-great-grandmother and other members of his family, but also with a charming and charismatic character, Héctor (voice of Gael García Bernal), who will help Miguel find his great-great-grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Together they will face the villain of the film, and they will discover that the power of music and the family are two very difficult bonds to break.


Coco is a work of art, animation, the use of color and details is something I had never seen in a Pixar movie. The representation of the Mexican people, their streets, their colors, their traditions, their day to day are the closest thing to the reality that I have seen in an animated film. My eyes filled with tears and my body of longing to recognize my beloved people, my traditions and my people.

But Coco is much more, it is a film that respectfully shows to the whole world the meaning of Day of the Dead, the depth of its symbols, the true reason of its existence. Many moments will make you laugh, many moments will move you and many moments will make you reflect on yourself, your ancestors, your family.

The Beginning and the End:
Do not worry I will not tell you the end, what I will tell you is that the beginning of the show (and for a limited time, so you have to watch the movie as soon as it comes out) is a funny short film called Olaf's Frozen Adventure, lasts 20 minutes and pick up the story of Frozen. Elsa, and Ana discover that they have no family traditions for Christmas and Olaf, their unconditional friend takes the task of helping them find one. The short film goes hand in hand with Coco because it touches on concepts of family, traditions and love.

And when the movie is over, wait! the directors put something at the end, something unexpected but emotional, I do not tell you what it is, they have to see it for yourselves.

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