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We doubt all the beauty and refuse to admit the cruelty of reality.

Therefore, people with faith and tigers are happier than we are.

Frankly speaking, before PI started telling the second story, my movie-watching mood has been declining. If I have any dissatisfaction with the whole movie, it is the popular story "My Adventure with Tiger at Sea", which is somewhat loose and weak, and the highly respected 3D impact, and the effect is completely within expectations.

After watching the whole movie, I've been thinking about how Quentin would shoot the escape part at sea. I'm afraid there will be more flying paragraphs such as whipping tigers and fishing with tigers. However, since, in addition to the function of pleasing ordinary audience, the sea adventures have more tasks to show the director's aesthetic pursuit, it can only sigh that Ang Lee's dream is too restrained, too clever, and full of neat and quiet Eastern style.


When PI slowly told the story of the second cook's version of escape at sea, it seemed to me that I was awakened by a nightmare bit by bit from a deep sleep, and then you discovered that there seemed to be some foreshadowing before, and none of them were idle. Wang Baijie, who eats gravy rice, Depaty, who doesn't respect faith, and PI Ma, who is pious and tolerant, sit one by one with what happened to zebras and orangutans after boarding the ship.

The cruelty of the real story version makes people feel like fear of falling into the abyss. The cruelest cruelty is that you reorganize yourself one by one by relying on your imagination, which is much more clever than the way some movies cry and rob the land and scatter the blood of dogs.

In addition to the simplest restoration of role correspondence, looking back, "PI" is really careful in its text. For example, before the lifeboat landed in the sea, Wang Baijie shouted: "Zebra, Zebra". In fact, he is the zebra. There is also the phrase "Where is your child?" .


For example, in the cannibal island, "just" is the shape of a person. For example, when introducing the three Buddhas of Hinduism, when it comes to the three-faced Buddhas running on the river, everything in the world is just his dream. There is really no better explanation for how PI built the first story than this sentence. Everyone is his own God. You can't control the present, but you can control the memory of the past and the fantasy of the future.

When both stories are presented to you, it is the time when the choice comes.

The Japanese refused to believe in the dream of fairy tales, but they were even less willing to believe in the cruelty of reality. After hesitating for a while, the reporter chose the first dream story, "You followed God". PI's answer gave an ambiguous and clear answer about authenticity.

I chose the second story without hesitation.


An easy interpretation of the Bengal tiger in the first story is the other side of PI himself, but it is probably too hasty to explain it with animality. PI's father gave an explanation-you have no feelings with it, and you can only see your own reflection in his eyes. Therefore, Drifting at Sea tells the story of ——PI, a multi-religious believer and vegetarian, getting along with himself. PI has experienced the process of fear, symbiosis, domestication and dependence on tigers, which is also the process of balancing animal nature and rationality.

In the end, the tiger head never ran back to the jungle-"Life is constantly letting go, but sadly, I haven't had time to say goodbye to you." -When people enter the social jungle, do they never forget to look back?

What I am curious about is what is Ang Lee's choice?

As far as I understand it, I think the tiger is the embodiment of fear. This fear comes from the awe of nature, the challenge of survival, and the inner loneliness that comes from it. I'm afraid these fears are persistent and desperate. I'm afraid the choice of adult PI is Ang Lee's choice-experience him, face him and accept him.

In the middle part of the movie, I was alone with myself, but at the beginning and end of the movie, PI's life was accompanied by two things-family and religion. Family and religion are the best ways for people to escape fear. Religion provides a conjecture to explain the world. For individuals, it will always be a comfort for us to face the unknown. Family makes us feel responsible, connected and contributing to the world, which proves the value of our existence. These two things have given us the courage to face ourselves in terms of being born and entering WTO.


When you understand that life and self are not used to overcome, but to get along with each other, you will understand that although some things are not reasonable, you must believe that some things are not solid, but you must rely on them.This is not the choice in Ang Lee's movies. I'm afraid it's also the choice of Ang Lee, the number one player in the world.

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