Wreck-It Ralph

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Invincible Destruction King, the hero is born to destroy, he was created to destroy the building, so the whole movie down, basically no Ralph can not smash things.Other people do not recognize him, he is angry, smashing things, more thought will only destroy, more misunderstood.

However, later, we see that Ralph no longer destroys in order to vent his anger. He destroys because he has something he cares about, because some things must be destroyed to save his companions.Destruction is no longer a bad thing.He put his power where it should be, destroyed, and turned into another form of reconstruction.


On the way home after watching the movie, it occurred to me that everyone wants to be recognized by others, but in the final analysis, what we want is our own identification with ourselves. If we all think we can't do it, who else will identify with you?In the decades of life, countless people come and go, and in the end they are always on their own.

Many of us often meet by chance or even only meet once in a while. However, we still care about those people's evaluation of themselves and hope to draw energy from other people's positive evaluation. This is human nature, but really, there is no need to be too persistent in this.


The villain's Manifesto has been translated into four four words. The antithesis is neat but the original meaning is lost. On the contrary, it is not as plain and touching as the translated version in the Chinese notice: "I am a villain, but this is a good thing. I will never be a hero. This is not a bad thing. Just be able to be yourself is the best.".


Finally, Ralph finally stopped clinging to his villain identity. He understood that there were some things that only he could do and only he could do well. He no longer cared too much about others' views on himself. He knew that he was a kind and needed person. After all, if such a little girl liked him, where could he be bad?

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