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Hello Everyone,
In my last post I talked about the stupid nature of humans and one awesome anime and one OK live action film of it. So continuing the trend of destroying the anime that I loved I watched another one of the live action anime show.

But before going into that. How you doing?

(We I was bored of my regular routine so I inserted the How you doing?. Not a brilliant idea. I know)

So today I am going to bore you with another anime to live action movie adaptation. But before I can dis the movie let me beat the dead horse, That is the anime itself. I am being honest. I watched a very few episodes of the anime but I finished the Manga(Comic Book). This particular story had got me hooked to it. I was reading the stories all the time. The anime I am talking about is one of the best there was. It enjoyed massive success. And at point was giving the anime like Onepiece and Naruto a fair challenge. And then it had its downfall. I was really disappointed with how the Manga ended. So many stories abandoned, characters left undeveloped, It felt repetitive because it was. Despite have a very interesting world setup, Awesome characters, Super storyline it fell flat in the end. And Yes, I am talking about the anime BLEACH.

Bleach. A story of high school boy who has powers to see and interact with ghosts. One day he becomes a Soulreaper(Yamadoot – Hindi). And the story went nuts (In a good way) from that point onwards. Tite Kubo has brought us soul society. A realm where SoulReapers works for a corporate looking organisation. It was an insane setup and to match this setup was the Awesome characters. Characters so awesome like the Captains, Former Captains, Lieutenants, Vice Captains, Protagonist and a really OP antagonist. It was this show which has given us backstories which defined the characters perfectly. It was this show which had given us characters so insane for the sake of insanity. Talking about Kenpachi. Scores so awesome that it is still my ringtone (Bleach – Invasion). And then there was the final war which ruined everything. And yes I am still talking about the manga, Because the Anime had different level of suffering with the filler arcs. I mean its just (Facepalm)...

But we are not here to talk about the anime or the Manga. We are her to talk about Bleach Live Action Movie.

SPOILERS – I don’t see the point in putting this spoiler warning. As the manga and anime were spoiled long back. This is coming from a fan of the manga who has fought off hoards of the troll on Internet trying to defend it. You need the power of Bankai to stop yourself from breaking stuff. This is Bleach.

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Before I go deeper. I just want to say that I loved the manga. It was my favourite (long ago). Not for the insane actions, But the story. It was one of its kind at that time. And I love the idea of having hero the power of death god (Shinigami – Japanese). Having said that lets dive into the movie. It was just bland. Like my good friend @ryivhnn pointed out


There was just too much to cram into. The Manga had many arc and before the sucky one. It had few awesome one to. The movie focuses on the first one. Where Ichigo (protagonist) gains the supernatural abilities. And had to defend the Soulreaper (Rukia) who has helped Ichigo become a death god but transferring her power. (Like I said its Nuts) and from that point onwards it was Ichigo vs the soul society as Rukia has committed a felony by lending powers to mortal man. Now I don’t have complaints about the story. But it is just the way it was executed. I was enjoying the movie but there was just something that was bothering me, I couldn’t figured it out till that half when I saw Renji and Captain Bykyua. And from that point onwards it was really hard for me to sit through. The acting was off for our lead. Ichigo was supposed be a cool character but in the movie he was just a dude. He seemed too plain. And then came in Renji & Captains Bykyua and it was cosplay. They stood out like crazy in this show. I admit that the members of soul society looks a lot crazy than the rest but in the movie it was different level. I was expecting some level of awesomeness from Captain Bykyua. But boy that was disappointing. And then I realised that it was fans doing cosplay and doing a little acting. And It was just pain to sit through this one. The only thing to look forward to is fight scenes. Which were awesome and during those scenes the focus is on action and not acting.

Perhaps I am being too hard in the movie. Like I said LiveAction has very big disadvantage over the anime /manga. And I am actually glad that I saw it. And in a way I really appreciate them sticking with the storyline and source material. This shows how much they love the shows, Anime or mangas. And a huge respect for all. It is not easy doing things like these. And pulling off the fight scenes with a monsters. Oh!! Yeah, I forgot to mention deathgod fights monsters (Hollows).

I am @inuke. And I am happy.

Thank you @Indiaunited and @beawesome discord communities
So here is something random


I think you really need to go into anything like this as a "reimagining" and appreciate it (or otherwise XD) for what it is rather than expecting it to be anything like the source material. The difference and length of the medium is a bit too vast XD

Icould be different interpretation for the director point of view.. but still seeing so many similarities between the manga and anime it's hard to imagine that.

On the other we had death note which took the concept in a different way with new characters and Designs. And somehow fall short.

Perhaps I need to start making films of my own.. :-)

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