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This isn't an apparition of a dead person. Ghost is a fictional character in the popular television series, Power. If you are just finding out he was shot, then I'm sorry for bringing the spoiler to you. You should watch the latest episode to get up to date. We won't be finding out who shot him next week as it should be. This final season was split into two and I wrote what I felt about it on this post. They gave us a lot of time to figure out who pulled the trigger; it's amazing I must say. They got everyone talking about it and I can't help but analyze, guess and discuss the possibility of one of the characters in the show pulling the trigger.

Ghost is the main character in the series. Nobody expect him dying so soon or dying at all. Although his death hasn't been confirmed, we just believe he is dead. There is no way he will survive a bullet to the chest and falling from a high building. Well, before the gunshot, he got everything he ever wanted - a good life. He didn't care about the number of people he is hurting to get that life. He did all he could to get it and when he had the chance to bring those he hurt close, he kept muttering "no one can stop me now." A lot of people have the motive to stop him. Let's see who. We have seven suspects: Tommy, Tasha, Tariq, Saxe, Dre, Tate and Paz. They were all seen walking into Ghost's club before he was shot.


He and Ghost grew up together in the street and settled for drug trafficking. They succeeded in the business and everything went on smoothly until Ghost decided to turn a new leaf. His hatred for Ghost began when he killed his dad. He killed him because he taught he was snitching. Meanwhile, his dad was snitching on Ghost. Ghost reported his dad to him and that's why he was mad at him. Ever since, they've been having series of quarrels. Tommy suspected Ghost for killing his girlfriend, Keisha, but he isn't sure again. I guess he's already convinced he is not the killer. He is outbroken and all he need is his friend. Enough to make him the killer?

Motive to kill: Ghost got everything he wanted and started pursuing a vital political role. Meanwhile, he has lost everything - the love of his life, his crew, dad, money and family. He still blames Ghost for his father's death and he isn't fully convinced he has no hands in Keisha's death. So instead of watching his friend live happily ever after, he will end of his life instead. He has always wanted to.


Ghost's ex-wife. She also has every reason to kill him. They got divorced when Angela Valdez got in the way. Ghost didn't even hide his feelings. He made it obvious to Tasha and it broke their relationship. Their divorce was delayed due to some circumstances, but their separation was real. They fought many times but always have the best interest of their children at heart. The death of one of their daughters, Raina actually destroyed the marriage completely and they still feel her absence till date. So why would Tasha kill her ex husband?

Motive to kill: He ruined every chance she got at happiness. Terry Silva was last seen with Ghost and we were made to believe he killed him. That fact haven't been proven yet, but that's what Tasha believes. He loved him and would have been happy with him, but Ghost didn't let her. Now he wants everything he denied her. Of course, it's the last thing she wants. She'd rather see Ghost dead than watch him live the life he prevented her from living. She has everything to lose and so many things to benefit from Ghost's death. You guessed right - money!


Why is Ghost's child on the list? A great number of people believe he is actually the killer and I think otherwise. First, he isn't with a gun. Or let me say, they didn't show him with a gun. Also, it seems he is leaving Truth (the building), not walking into it. Tariq is the least predictable character in the series. There's a high chance he pulled the trigger because he also has a motive. The death of his twin sister shook him too and it changed him. He avenged her death and killed for the first time. Ghost has been trying to make him see the light. He tried to prevent him from taking the path he took, all to no avail. Now Tariq is left with a lot of options; taking out his father is one of them.

Motive to kill: Ghost promised to take the fall for him if the police find out he killed Raymond Jones. He broke the promise and told him to confess and own up to his bad deeds. Meanwhile, he hasn't and didn't confess to all the bad things he did. Tariq believes his dad is selfish and would rather sacrifice him than ruin his political ambition. He has grown hatred for him ever since he started seeing Angela. Ghost, however, took it too hot for his son and the boy always wish he dies. Wanting him to confess to killing Raymond is pissing him off and he might have taken action into his hands.


Cooper Saxe biggest desire is to see Ghost in handcuffs. Handcuffs is a pretty word in this sentence. He wants him in prison, if possible, dead. He believes James (Yes, that's his real name) is responsible for killing lots of people, witnesses inclusive. He has blown most of their covers and made the police department a joke. They tried to get him for years in the right way, but Saxe decided to try the wrong way since the right didn't work. It costed him and he lost his job along the line. He lost friends and colleagues, too.

Motive to kill: He finally realized he will be going to jail and the person he tried to put behind bars will be the second in command to the governor. His hatred for Ghost grew at the very thought of that. It made him find his way to the club. He has a strong reason to kill and he just might be the one.


He worked under Ghost and Tommy, betrayed them and worked for their bosses. That was the beginning of the enmity between them. Dre has been a hustler and is among the few people that made it to the latest episode. What he love most is his daughter. She is the reason he tried to stay alive. He is trying to be a good dad but still didn't want to live the street. As a matter of fact, he wants to keep running drugs like before. It didn't turn out well for him and that's why he has issues with Ghost.

Motive to kill: Ghost set him up twice. He escaped the first time and went to him for assistance. He couldn't escape the second time and finally found himself in a cell. He was later released when he agreed to testify against Ghost. He shouldn't have been in the scene though. He should have waited for the police to take action instead of going to kill him. Well, not everyone can handle framing. He was framed twice and all he wanted was to see Ghost in his pool of blood.


Tate is running for governor and was likely to win until things changed. He used Ghost to gain a lot of followers and later dumped him when he found out about his past. He didn't want anything that will hinder him from getting the position, but sadly, things didn't envisage the way it should. His party lost faith in him. His supporters reduced and the painful part was seeing Ghost joining the winning party.

Motive to kill: His opposition has a high chance of winning with Ghost by her side and he didn't want that since Ghost was the reason he lost. He even promised to lie just to get Ghost in jail, but when the news about the impossibility hit him, he lost control. Watching Ghost win and the thought of seeing him in a big position was too much for him to handle. He also took a gun and went to the club the night Ghost was shot.


Paz is Angela's sister. They loved each other so much. The death of her sister still hits her and the only thing she wanted was to see the killer go down. She believes the killer was Ghost and she tried to aid the police in putting him behind bars. There was no concrete evidence tying him to the murder, so she went on her own mission.

Motive to kill: Yes, seeing the killer of her sister go down is her biggest desire. We know Ghost isn't the killer but who will convince Paz? Since the police isn't bringing him down, she will and she might have done the job.

Only these seven were shown. What if none of them shot him? Of course there are other suspects - people we didn't see that night. Ghost has a lot of enemies, but I'm suspecting just two. A friend and an enemy.


I still don't know his full name. He is always called Q so I'll live it as it is. He fell in love with Tasha almost immediately. He has been close to her and wants her in his life. Something is preventing Tasha from getting close and he just found out. It was Ghost. He was furious when he saw what he did to Tasha's arm and openly told Tasha he can take him out if she wants him to. Ghost and Tommy were shot at in the latest episode and we still don't who. Tommy said they were two people and he took one out. My best bet is, the other shooter is Q. There was a scene when Ghost was being spied on. The spy might be Q, we never can tell.

Motive to kill: Jealousy and Tasha's protection. He believes Tasha is afraid of him and he is stopping her from getting close to him. So the only thing that would stop that is to take him out. He wasn't seen waking into the club, but what if they are trying to distract us from guessing who the right shooter is?


She loves Ghost. That's what they made us believe. But I still want to understand the secret she's been keeping. They've mentioned her deep secret times without number without letting us in. The story won't end without revealing it. Ghost might be involved in the secret and we might find out that he killed her mom, dad or someone dear to her. She appeared from nowhere and gradually gained Ghost's trust. A woman is the fall of a mighty man, they say. That statement might apply here. What if the shooter is someone we never expected? Well, Ramona was last seen with Ghost which indicated she left. We will find out sooner than later, won't we?

Motive to kill: I don't know yet. It might be one of her little secrets.

I thought I'll be expressing my discontent about the series today, but it turned out I love the suspense they placed us in. Everyone wants to know who shot Ghost. Some are hoping he doesn't die while some are still accusing some characters. Well, if I'm to guess, I will choose Q.

Who shot Ghost? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

It has been an amazing show so far.

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I choose Ramona.
She was the only know person Ghost told to wait for him to close up.
And Tariq was climbing down the stairs. My guess is that Tariq was still in the building after giving his Dad a second chance to retract his words.

Now, while Ghost was shot and he was falling down.
He had a frantic bewildered look, like a real shock. The least person he expected to hurt him, shot him.
Now that look can either be out of Love for dear one or surprise for an unexpected known victim/enemy from the past.

Three persons are in the spotlight for this

  • Ramona
  • Tariq
  • Q

And the Person that shot him was already in the building...

Exactly! That's why I included Ramona in the list. I'm only doubting because she ought to say something to Ghost before pulling the trigger. I still believe it's Q. Ghost might be shocked because he thought Tasha sent him since he already met him with Tasha.

Okay, can't wait for it to come back by 5th Jan.

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My guess is Tasha. Though everyone thinks is Tariq

I strongly doubt it's any of them. Tasha doesn't have it in her. Tariq can do it but I think he was living the building not entering it.