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RE: [Discussion Post] What is your favorite event in your country's history?

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My favorite event in my country is Krishna Janmashtami. Birthday of lord Krishna also named Madhav.


This reason is enough that it is birthday of lord Krishna but their is one more reason. on my birth it's Krishna Janmstami.

Date of Krishna Jayani is changes according to muhrta but it's near to my birthday.

This year my birthday is on 24th august and Krishna Janmastami is on 11th of August but last year both dates are same i.e. my birhday and Krishna Janmashtami in on 24th August.

On next day of Krishna janmastami we celebrate Dahi Handi because makhan or chees is favorite dish of lord Krishna and he used to steal makhan from his villager home with his friends.

It is one the Krishna leela of Lord Krishna.


This is how lord Krishna steal the makhan. there friends make a pyramid and lord Krishna go up on them and steal the makhan which is on placed on a height. In Hindi we called it थर(Thar).

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