TOP: The 5 More Influential Movies Of All Time - Are You Agree?

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MOVIES. Almost all of us, have been found influenced by TV shows or movies we have seen because we had a connection with the story.

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Over all the years, we have watched a lot of movies (hundreds I can say), and enjoyed a lot of them, maybe some more than others. But, it's very commom to have a few list of movies that you could watch again and again without getting bored and having the same excitment as it was the first time you watch it.

So, I wanted to make a short list of movies that I think most of people will agree (and if you not, fell free to comment, we're a community!) have made a lasting mark in our hearts. Take in count that to be called as "influential" it has to be a movie that made an impact in all the viewers:


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In the time it released, Titanic was a huge success and even won 11 Oscars. The film is based in true story, and tells the tragic fate of the Titanic ship that set sail in 1912, but hit an iceberg wich made it sank, and almost all the people on board died.


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It it's time, this movie became a language by itself, speciall in the hip&hop and rap genre.  The film was a way for the black community to feel representated in this world and became referred on the lyrics of a lot of artists. Example, Jay Z has made a lot of songs in which he makes  reference to the movie.


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This was the first movie ever made about the vampires world and the first movie adaption of the famous "Dracula".

Maybe, one of the best horrors movie of all time. Due copyright issues,  all copies of the movie were ordered to be destroyed and eliminated, but one copy survived and as you may suspect, this one was copied and bootlegged all over the world.


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It's a trilogy that changed Hollywood in a big and special way. This was because it was the first movie that changed the way Italians were viewed on the big screen, and people around the world stopped seeing them in such a particular os stereotypical way.

It also helped to "Italianize" the american culture in some way.


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It has to be here because it was the first movie that made a new emphasis on young audiences, used a lot of new special effects, computers and even animation that caused a lot of excitement in all it's viewers. It made a revolution in the movies new era.

So, this is the end, and I want you to tell me if you're agree with this top or if you would change any film of it? Comment here and express your opinion!


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