Cool and I agree, it's definitely an interesting character :>)

Just curious, how much have you seen of Japanese cinema and what did you like, so far?

I don't watch a lot of Japanese cinema. I have seen more Korean. Old Boy is probably my favorite. I recently reviewed the Japanese film "Departures" which was an excellent film. For horror, "The Ring" was certainly memorable.

I see. I have seen way more Japanese cinema than Korean ( mainly due to anime ) but the last decade or so I am probably watching more Korean live action films than Japanese.

Talking about the Ring, are you referring to the original Ringu? That one was pretty creepy indeed. So were The 4 original Ju-On The Grudge and Ju-On: The Curse movies, from the early 2000s.

Now I come to think of it, I have probably seen more Japanese than Korean films, as I was into horror for quite a while. Loads of Asian horror movies seem to be made in Japan.

Most (South) Korean films I enjoyed, were of different genres. Take for instance the work of Kim Ki Duk. I've seen over a handful of his films on The Rotterdam Film Festival.

A very recent Korean film I found worth watching is Burning. Have you heard of it?

P.S. The Old Boy trilogy is definitely worth seeing too :>)

Seen ringu and the ju-on films. Missed burning which was in limited release here. Went away too quick. Castaway on the moon is an interesting Korean film I would recommend. The old boy trilogy was great. Although I didn’t love thirst (noynpart of the trilogy)

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