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RE: [Discussion Post] What is your favorite event in your country's history?

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@cmp2020 my favourite event in my country is the independence day, this is an event we celebrate every 1st of october in every year ;

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It was told that Nigeria got her independence from the british colonial master in the year 1960 and it has been a great event to remember and celebrate since then ,

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During this event , schools goes on a 2 to 3 days holiday , banking sectors goes on holiday and every other sectors aswell, no offices opens during this event and many other activities do take place such as match past by secondary school pupils and teachers in which the governor of the state stays present depending on the state in particular and its expected every state does thesame , going to the stadium to hear the governor 's speech, most times the president has to pay a visit to a state or states during the time of the independence celebration as i have witnessed the coming of the president to my state in one of the occassions.

Families do go for outings and vacations as this tends to be a great event.

I mostly enjoyed this event during my primary and secondary school days because teachers tends to use that opportunity to explore pupils and take them on an outing after the normal and general activities.

This is quite interesting writting and i am pleased to participate

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