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RE: [Discussion Post] What is your favorite event in your country's history?

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Thanks for this topic @cmp2020. My name is Charles. I joined Steem on February 2018. I am a Nigerian. My favourite even was in 2003 when the then president Olusegun Obasanjo brought in GSM mobile phones in Nigeria. Before that time, there were just telephones which of course are not mobile. Since the introduction of mobile phone technology, progress has been made in communication in the country in the last 17years. And now, we have smart phones through which we can easily access the internet from any location, opening up Communication, networking and earning opportunities Previously unknown.

As a matter of fact, am making this post using my Infinix S5 smart phone and I took this picture in total darkness using the phone lights. It's 12.32am 6/7/2020 local time.


So thank you so much former president Obasanjo for bringing mobile phone technology in Nigeria. I won't quickly forget the huge benefits and contribution it has brought to our economy and life these 17years.


Wow, that is an amazing story! I probably take my smartphone and other technology for granted because in the U.S., it is very commonplace. Very inspiring and thanks for sharing.