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Today I went to the movies and I saw Pet Semetary, remake of the 80´s movie with the same name that was based on the book of Stephen King. I went because this book and the movie it´s my favourite and I wanted to see the 2019 version.
I didn´t went to my job today and I went to buy things that I needed and also I wanted to have a date with myself - haha - being alone, walk and have some fun. So I decided to buy my ticket to this movie.

The story

As you know it is about a family that moves to a new house and due to this neighbor and also due to discovering a pet cementary near his home Louis the father of Ellie and Gage starts to have a weird encounter with dead.
The family suffers a loss - in this movie his daughter Ellie is the one that dies and decides to bury her in a dammed place near the cementary that is known by bringing back dead people to life and uses that to bring ellie´s back, but she is not the one who returned. Evil was the one who returned to end with the family happiness.

My opinion

I was enjoying the movie lots. It was not as good as the first one of course. But I was having a good time remembering the old movie and making comparisons.

First of all the baby; Gage in this movie looks very similar to the actor in the 80´s movie. How they find people with similar faces? ¡¡wow!!
Look the similitude


The other actors/actresses are also similar to the 1989 movie cast but it´s more remarkable the one that I shared above.

I cannot say anything remarkable about the acting because I was not impressed by any of them. Their acting was ...good.
Another thing is that the special effects on the daughter accident was....nonexistent. For the level of the accident the directors didn´t put any effort in putting Ellie some prostetics or make up, so for me that was very sad because in the 80´s movie at least you could see Gage with scary make up.

The only remarkable scary make-up was for the cat....¡indeed was very cool to see the cat all "twisted", with his hair with dirt mixed with blood etc, but yes, I don´t liked the special effects at all.

The Final scene really made me sad and wanted to ask for my money and it was heartbreaking how they distroyed a master piece like that. I expected something different and I thought I was watching the end of another movie. Got out of the cinema dissapointed.

I don´t recommend this movie at all but If you wanna watch it, don´t expect you will like it. I recommend you to watch the old one that was filmed in 1989

¡¡¡The Cat!!

You thought I was going to make a post without talking about cats? hahaha
You were wrong.

This cat, Church was the best actor in the movie. The cat of the first movie was cool. But this cat - I don´t know if it´s a male or a woman - made me enjoy the movie seeing it appearing in the scenes with it´s messy hair.

Loved the cat. And like I have said in the Marvel´s movie : Captain marvel - I watched this movie because of the cat - lol

So, the best thing about this movie - the best actor, make-up and acting - was the cat. :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

All the wonderful movies of the 80´s and 90´s, specially the horror movies, are indeed masterpieces and works of art in comparison with the remakes of this times. I do enjoy them more. What do you think?


The original one really creeped me out the original baby was so scary I didn’t think they could ever match him again looks like I was wrong lol

Sad to see that the movie didn’t match up to the 80s one I’ll probably watch it when it comes out online instead of in the cinema thanks to your revie

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Yes, watch it when you can for free in an internet page. Thanks for your comments :D