Have anybody else noticed that Ego (guardians of the galaxy 2) is the Judaeo christian God?

in #movies2 years ago

Today Guardians of the galaxy 2 was on the TV when I was eating dinner and the whole time I was thinking: This Ego character is the christian God.


  • He is the only of his kind.
  • He is the only immortal being according to him.
  • He comes down from the heaven to impregnate women.
  • The big ego
  • His son is the savior
  • He wants to spread himself to cover everything
  • His plan is to rule the heavens with his son and the holy ghost of the planet
  • He is ready to sacrifice his son for the good of the people
  • His son gets impaled in the chest, it's kind of like a cross

and there was where my dinner finished. I'm sure I missed lots of similarities and coincidences like what was going on with Gamora and his sister city, that woman whom was touching everyone and the thief that wasn't so lucky this time.

Have any of you noticed something to weave into this theory?


I just remember why I thought this Ego was so familiar, yet haven't ring my bell back then!
Those writers behind Marvel was geniuses!
I bet they laughing hard back then, this is marvellous! 🤣 🤣

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