It’s A Wonderful Life - The Christmas Classic - 1947

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It's Wonderful Life has dominated the Christmas TV scene with its timeless story of love, friendship and the very relevant life of a kind man. Filmed in 1947, this Frank Capra masterpiece debuted in theaters with what can best be described as a warm reception. However, it quickly rose in stature after repeated annual television broadcasts in the 1960s, a Christmas tradition that continues to this day.


Centered on the life of George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart), a sympathetic and ambitious Bedford Falls resident who dreams of greatness, the film sets out to portray a view of a world where the ultimate plan of the divine can be very different. from our. However, the result of this plan is far better than we could ever imagine.

As the movie begins, we get an idea of ​​the life and times of a young George Bailey, an honest and studious man who can avoid two potential disasters at the age of ten. By employing neighborhood pharmacist Mr. Gower, Bailey prevents the delivery of a poison prescription, and while enjoying the childhood wonders of the local ice lake, rescues his younger brother from a certain death by taking him from A piece of broken ice.

From those early years, history jumps several years into the future, where an adult and infectiously optimistic George has wild dreams of travel around the world, exploring and building large buildings. But inevitably he stays in Bedford Falls to continue the family business, the small but popular Bailey Savings & Loan (the only financial institution in Bedford Falls, not owned by the merciful mogul Mr. Potter). Over the years, Bailey has to deal with her own family problems, her unfulfilled dreams, and Great Depression burdens. Along the way, he is tempted by the Potter conspirator's offerings of great wealth and travel opportunities, but has always refused, opting to work for the benefit of the community.

However, when a seemingly innocent mistake threatens to topple Bailey Savings & Loan, George reflects on the unthinkable. It questions your own existence and the true value of your life. Disappointed by feelings of failure and a pessimistic vision of the future, he does not see the true value of his life. In the end, only divine intervention and the warm hearts of the people of Bedford Falls can transform George's perspective and force him to acknowledge the extraordinary life he has lived….

It's innate power Wonderful Life comes from the power of countless performances, including Jimmy Stewart's. Like Tom Hanks today, Stewart played the role of zurich during his long sojourn in Hollywood. It may have lacked Clark Gabel's sex appeal or John Wayne's reverse cowgirl manhood, but it fit the mold of best friend and lovable guy perfectly. In a fairytale movie like this, Stewart is a perfect actor, and is complemented by a lot of others… Who else could play the role of grumpy miser better than Lionel Barrymore? However, it is a recipe for excellence on the big screen.

It's Wonderful Life illuminates an almost magical stage, with its idyllic depiction of the depression era, America's small peoples. Each character (with the exception of Mr. Potter) evokes a simpler time when public attitudes toward morality prevail, where neighbors know each other by name, and where communities help each other. Further strengthening the film's charm, George Bailey and his friends are likeable characters who develop a strong relationship with the audience, forcing the viewer to actively support the desired outcome. It is this personal connection with the audience (and the audience's ability to relate to the most important topics), which is the key to the movie's lasting success. Having spent over five decades as the most popular Christmas movie in the United States, It's A Wonderful Life deserves mention among the ranks of movie classics of all time.