Tony Soprano

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In a previous post I posted how I am watching (again) The Sopranos, a mafia drama series (1999-2007) Here I show you the main protagonist of the series, Tony Soprano. Married to Carmela Soprano, parents of two kids, Tony Soprano is the de facto leader of the Soprano crime family, focusing on protection rackets and building syndicates.

Tony Soprano begins the series by suffering some sort of panic attack, and ends up visiting Dr. Jennifer Melfi for psychological therapy. He visits Dr. Melfi for the whole series. Much later, Dr. Melfi tells Tony that she can't treat him, as his gangster personality only seeks validation, not change.

Tony Soprano. The Sopranos by HBO.

Tony Soprano was played by actor James Gandolfini (1961-2013)


The Sopranos also had some very funny moments all the jokes and such

Cool article, loved the TV show

Woke up this morning...

The Sopranos! That brings me memories always looking forward the next episode! :)

I think its Tony Soprano, though. With a "y".

Ooops! Fixed it. Thanks! :)

You were going to create a new character :P

Well there is the other Tony. Tony Blundetto by Steve Buscemi :)

I read once that most of the characters played by Steve Buscemi "get killed" eventually

That Dr. Melfi kinda had a dilemma on one hand wanted to be a decent citizen but on the other she felt intrigued by Tony

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