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Fabulous essay, @vincentnijman! Also, if you didn't see the comment, since you and @darthnava were the only two who entered my contest, I awarded both of you 10 shares of SBI for your awesome entries! :)

Cheers man! And thank you for the latter too. I forgot to reply to that. Much appreciated and kind of a shame that those were the only two entries. I like your intention though. I sometimes feel that this kind of interaction really adds a layer to ( blogging on the blockchain ). You also re-awakened the film historian / film ( analysis ) student in me again, so thank your for that :>)

Have a great weekend!


This is a really good read. For me, I tend to agree with your points on suspense and music. And the practical effects and devices for a good scare.
There’s nothing like how they did it with NOES and Poltergeist etc but that’s, as you say, just nostalgic for us.
And that’s not the case for a lot of other audiences.

For me I’ve learned that what scares me now, are films that talk about families and children being in danger, because that speaks to me deeply as a parent. It preys on my deepest fears.
I can’t take the suspense in say, Bird Box for example, because the young kids are potentially in danger and it makes my stomach churn. It’s not the evil forces, but the innocence.
When I was a kid and alone, what scared me was bumps in the night when I was by myself. Now I’m not interested in that at all.
For me, horror is all in your head space.
The filmic storytelling devices designed to make you jump and your heart beat just add to the spectacle - but it needs to run much much deeper to make the really think ‘what if’

Poltergeist is a classic too. I remember enjoying the trilogy on VHS. In fact, I still have the tapes in my attic. Need to find a way to set up a second hand VCR on a mini movie projector one of these days.

I totally get the 'being scared by films about famliies / children in danger' now. I might not have children, I have three young nephews and a niece and most of my friends have young children now. Our perspective and thus our fears change when we grow older, depending on our situation.

I actually watched Bird Box a couple of days ago. Mainly because I remember reading the novel a couple of years back. What I liked about it, was the fact that the evil is hardly shown ( besides all the car crashes and fires ).

Yes, nowadays it's real ( close to ) life horror that scares me more, but I much rather watch the nostalgic type of scary movie that doesn't leave me with a sick to the stomach / man this was disturbed kind of feeling ( think torture horror ).

Thank you for your elaborate comment :>)

Great comment, and I agree.

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I can see what your saying and agree somewhat. But i do have to say i am a fan of the oringal IT movie, and found the remake was great! Also i thought the new Child Play movie was done very good, maybe better then the original. I have not seen the new Nightmare on Elm st, but i will maybe tomorow.

We all have a different taste in movies and you're definitely not the only one digging the remake :>)

What do you mean with the new Child's Play movie? Aren't there loads of follow ups? I think I gave up after Seed of Chucky (2004). Sometimes, remakes are actually better movies, more entertaining than the original. But, often, lack of originality - and things like choosing for jump scares over suspense - takes away most of the fun for me.

It was released this year, and they made the story more up to date. Its almost a different movie really. They did a great job.

I see, thanks! I will put it on my to watch list and when I get a chance, do my best to get out of the film analysis mode, have no expectations and just enjoy it :>)

No sound is the best. You ever watch a show called, um, I think it was Jennifer 8, about a deaf girl that was terrorized? That was am awesome sense deprivation movie.

Haven't seen that, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

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Could this have been a movie from the early 90s, starring a young Uma Thurman? I seriously don't remember if I've seen it, I remember watching a late 90s thriller called Mute Witness though. If I ever get a chance to watch Jennifer 8, I will go see it. Cheers for the recommendation.

Sorry that was a bit of a tangent of a comment! Not sure I really addressed your 1980’s vs 2019 subject but it’s all good!

Great post man 🤘🏻

Cheers and no need to apologize for that. Happy Halloween!

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Well i couldn't agree more with you. I can't imagine the painful experience the 2hrs 14mins (without any dance number hahahaha).. That's just drag fest.

Well there are more reasons to hate the remakes. You should have gone on an all out rant.. hahaha

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