How hard moving house can be!

in #moving5 years ago

Listen to all you who are reading this,I am sure we have all moved house before.
Some of us moved further away than others and some may have moved down the street.
It can be fun for some people and for other people it can be a struggle or a sorrowful time.
It all may hang on the balance of what type of person you are.
some points on why it maybe a sad time:
1:Bad attitude.
2:You may miss your friends.
3:May miss your school.
4:Maybe eve your country if you move countries.
let me know if i missed any.

Why you maybe happy:
1:New friends
2: New chapter in your life
3:Good attitude
4:Maybe even see old friends again.
5:Your life may have taken a turn for the better
let me know if i missed anything out please.

and those are the few i can think of.

Hope you all enjoyed for more please follow me if you enjoyed.
Till next time.