FINITÉ HOODED SWEATSHIRT: A Unifying Item of Clothing

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HOODIES also known as the hooded sweatshirt has evolved from being just a worker's utility to being branded as the go-to kits for outlaws (a stigma that was rubbed on this awesome piece years back) and finally being refered to as the typical Street Style as a combo of streetwears and sportswear.

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The hoodie was born of modest origins. Champion Products, claims to have made the first hooded sweatshirt from his Knickerbocker Knitting Company in 1919, Originally a sweater mill, Champion began making sweatshirts in the early 1930s.
Over the years, the Hoodie has come into prominence being worn by outlaws seeking redemption in the streets, it rapidly became part of the hiphop culture, and unifying item between all races and culture.

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When youth culture, urban style, and race are united by a symbolic item of clothing, singling it out can be problematic. It’s very difficult to strike the hoodie from our social fabric without excluding the same cultures that have adopted it. So, in the light of this, FINITÉ has gone deep into the roots and core to make these awesome piece of clothing spicing it up with African fabrics to portray the African street cultural Heritage.
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