Sounds of Steem starts in 90 min!

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One last time for the people! The Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel is hosting Sounds of Steem. It's a digitally delivered concert/coffee house experience. Cuddle up in your snuggie with a good book and listen to your friends and fellow Steemians perform music for you live. We'll have some conversation and hang out with friends!

How to listen

Go to to listen through a browser.

or go to thePALnet and listen through Discord. Use this guide to help you.


I'm gonna start playing music at 10:30 EST this morning. It'll be some 90s rock to get you in the mood.

We'll have on a list of performers starting at 11:00.

Performers please make sure you're there at least by 10:45 to sound check and make sure you're good.

Two notes. The auction to become a heroic boss in Steem Monsters ends today. Neoxian is winning it at 600 steem. If you're a whale check it out.

Other shows

Doing a show tonight at 10pm for the Peace Academy where we ill talk about writing for Steem Monsters and what that will look like.

Doing a show tomorrow night at 9pm where we have a stat chat and unveil some of the mechanics of the game.


I can see something BIG is coming !
Can’t wait to participate -:)

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I will not miss this great show

excited about it

Interesting, I ll be there! Steem Monsters seem to be blowing up :)
@Neoxian Looking forward to beating you :P


Woohoo! Looks interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

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Steam is guru of Facebook

The sound of steem is really this creativity.

Mmmm @neoxian is winning the auction this is great news I can imagine his current mood at the moment😉😉😉
Makes so much sense.

Valuable content and informative blog.keep it for next time

I thought so, too. What was your favorite part? I like the part where he said things and stuff.

thanks @aggroed already sharing a valuable post

Power sound of steem 😁 cant't wait to listen

Nobody would wanna miss this! I'm not an exception too!


@aggroed I joined the concert and I didn't regret it at all. Awesome talent, I would like to discuss my plans with you over at discord. Hope to hear from you soon.

What to say Just Loved it

Good job go! It is good to spend the best time accompanied with anigos, excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, excellent :)

This will surely make life better on steemit...

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