MSP-Waves + Utopian Partnership Announcement

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The @MSP-Waves Broadcast Network is pleased to announce its partnership with @Utopian-io.

MSP Waves provides its audience with Steemit user created programming on its interactive social broadcast station. We started out with a bare-bones hosted solution and a home-based 'server' with some 10 shows more than a year ago.

MSP Waves Offering

Today, we utilize professional grade servers in data centers and a host of different open-source technologies to bring 24x7 video and audio streaming to our website,, and Twitch. We also offer audio-only options via Icecast and Discord, with more A/V destinations being added soon.

MSP-Waves Future

It is our goal to give a voice, literally, to Steemit users of all walks of life. We currently have 33 unique weekly shows with 67 Hours of Live Programming on MSP Waves. Our hosts and DJs offer Music, Talk, Curation, Politics, Philosophy, Christian content, Prepper, Myths and Legends, goofy fun shows, and everything in between. We hope to eventually broadcast live programming 24/7 so you can find all the great live content you want to experience in one place. Check out our full schedule on MSP


But wait - there is more:

When no live show is on, we still promote Steemit users via Steemix - our amazing Steemit Musician Programming, which is curated and nurtured by @soundwavesphoton. Learn More Here.

MSP Waves Team

@r0nd0n, our station manager, does an amazing job of implementing automation and state-of-the-art technology to consistently improve the audience and DJ/Host/Staff experience. @globocop, our other station manager, owns the operations of our station. It is a labor of love.

The Operations team consists of @meno, @pechichemena, @uniwhisp, @r0nd0n, @globocop, and @jesse2you. @movement19 and others will be joining our crew soon.

Rewards for Audience and DJs

It is our goal to reward our audience and our dedicated hosts for their loyalty and work. At the same time, we are relying on SP Delegations and Upvotes to finance our significant server costs and to improve our technology front and back-end.

Utopian-io Partners with MSP-Waves

That is why we recently started talking to @elear of @utopian-io. Not only are the amazing folks over at Utopian-io facilitating and delivering open-source development, but hey are also graciously granting us a 50% upvote once per week. This is truly great news for MSP Waves, as this support will enable us to pay the bills every month and even increase our capabilities to deliver a quality product to the audience.

After hearing of our situation, Witness @reggaemuffin also offered a weekly upvote to @msp-waves.

Vote for the reggaemuffin Witness

Thank you @reggaemuffin, and thank you @utopian-io!

Vote for the Utopian Witness

Your support means a lot to the station and our ability to deliver services to Steemit users and beyond.

Different Ways - Same Goals

Utopian-io and MSP Waves, although very different in what we do, serve the same audience, and have a shared goal:

To advance a decentralized way of providing products and services and to increase the value of STEEM through the creativity of blockchain users and the creation of value-added services and applications.

By partnering up, we can promote each other's services and make the best use of our mutual resources.

We are honored to partner up with the folks of Utopian-io. They are leading the way in bringing new technology to this platform, and we're thrilled to do everything we can to support their efforts.

We are looking forward to working with you now and in the future.

@globocop and @r0nd0n
on behalf of


Utopian Loves MSP Waves

Utopian is proud to support MSP Waves for their constant work in getting the community together and engaged, on the Utopian Open Source Radio Show and beyond.

Contribute to Open Source with

Learn how to contribute on our website and join the new open source economy.

Want to chat? Join the Utopian Community on Discord

I also added msp-waves to the shanehug auto-vote just now. Let's get some support coming this way!

Thanks @swelker101 /Shane & @Isaria. Awesome. We are grateful.

this is great news!

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This is awesome news! Good work guys!

Hi @msp-waves, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @r0ndon doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @r0nd0n ?

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Corrected. TY

Thats a good new! Congrats for all the msp waves team, you're doing great job!

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