Minnow Mayor Town Hall goes on Tomorrow with Special Guest YOU!!! 25 SBD and 250 delegation contest inside.

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So, the format of the show is gonna change just slightly this week. I did a pilot of this format last week, and this week I'm gonna amp it up some. The entire show is gonna be open for you to come on the air with me. You wanna promote something? Go right ahead. You wanna ask me questions? That's good too. You want to... well you get the point. Everyone is welcome. You can discuss anything you want, and you can ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer.

Delegation award

Anyone that comes on the air with me is open for a delegation of 250 SP. If you're a whale you can choose a proxy when it comes time for the roll off. Same deal as always. It's gonna be a sticky delegation. You can wear it until you're a dolphin and then I take it back and give to someone else. As always, if I roll a 1 we push the delegation to next week.

Dice Bitches

Everyone's favorite dice game by yours truly. 25 SBD at stake.

Roll dice using the "t!dice 15d15" command.
If you tie me or beat me you can roll the next round.
rounds decrease to keep track so, the next round is 14d14, then 13d13 and so on.
If I win the last roll we'll start from scratch. If someone else is the last person standing they take home the 25 SBD.

Reserve a spot on the show

Wanna make sure you are heard? You get a chance? Then just put it in the comment below and I'll make sure you have 5 min (first 10 guaranteed). I normally have 20-30 during a show, and I'm starting to record these and put them out there. So, you'll have that too. Good times!

How to listen?

Go to www.mspwaves.com/listen. I'm on air from 9pm-11pm EST tomorrow night. (24hrs or so from this post).
Wanna join the conversation? You need a headphone set, mic, and the ability to talk on Discord (using Push to Talk).
You're going to join the MSPwaves-audience channel in the PALnet Discord group (https://discord.gg/BS8WTzM) and then you're going to join a "The Waiting Room." I'll pull you into the show room when it's your turn.

That's it. Talk about anything, only requirement is that you don't promote violence, poverty, or restricting freedom. That's it. See you in there.


Juicy my friend! very , very juicy!

DUDE!!! Come on with me!

Not gunna lie very tempting bro!

Hi! You got some interesting contest there. I hope you can visit me too @tiffanyrej. Here's my latest post https://steemit.com/life/@tiffanyrej/mastering-mobile-photography-i-love-green

I am still very new to this and want to continue growing. I have some questions in mind that you may be able to help with. I want in! Will wait for the details.

Sure. I updated the post cause of your comment. Hope to see you there.

Can i try this??

It's public and open. Consider yourself reserved. Make sure you have a mic and Discord and know how to talk in teh voice channels before the show.

What is teh voice?

You go into Discord. And you join a channel where talking happens called a "voice channel." Test your system before you try to come on air with me.

Thank you again..

Can I get a slot? I wanna talk Boston, pictures, and another meet soon.

Sure. Make sure you're in a little early to test your sound system.

Hello sir, how to sell steem dollar to market, you usually give input for me, thank you

Depends what country you are in

Ill have to put a reminder in my phone. What

will be tuning to AIR,
packing bags, checking parachute, flaps checked
BOTTY incoming :]

I got shit to promote. Can I come on please?

That would be amazing. Of course!!!!

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