Sounds of Steem, the Splinterlands (steemmonsters writers), and StatChat(steemmonster gamers)

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Hey party people I just wanted to give a couple updates on the weekend plans. I'm hosting three shows.

Sounds of Steem

Sounds of Steem is live digital concert on Saturday morning 9am EST. We'll feature Steem Musicians and it's kinda like a recorded coffee house production. Get to know some Steemians and hear some amazing music. I'm gonna host this baby with @swelker101 and @isaria. Should be fun.

Peace Academy and backstory writing for Steem Monsters

The Peace Academy is going to be taken over by monsters. 10pm EST to midnight on Saturday night I'm running a show with @isaria, and this one is about the creative endeavor that is Steem Monsters backstory. I'm working on a campaign setting and I need some authors to help me essentially write a 60 page book about the back story of the world. My plan is to divide the writers into 6 groups, 1 for each color, and get people writing big chunks of the backstory for each group.

The setting is called the Splinterlands. The world used to be whole. Now it's splintered into many pieces, and the prophecy states the world will be made whole again. We'll write about the different groups and the campaign will go through various areas you create. Should be fun. Please join us then to get involved.

Stat Chat

Ok, Sunday night we're going to unveil in more detail the fighting mechanism we're building into Steem Monsters. Yaba and I are getting closer to consensus on how this baby works. We should have something to show and it should be able to give you a bit more guidance of how fighting will work.

Minnow Mayor Town Hall starts at 9pm EST. come join us.

Show Logistics

All shows happen in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Channel

Just hop in and someone will show you the way.


Ooohhh yeah. I’ll be sure to tune in when I can. ... itch itch... gotta get me some more of those ... itch itch.. errr ... steem monsters .... itch itch

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Thanks for the updates and ongoing communication. I know that's tight with your schedule so just know that it means a lot to everyone. Will be at the peace academy and town hall at least. Looking forward to the fighting update. :)

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it looks so much fun dear friend!

Alright! So many shows! I can't wait for the Sunday evening one too! So excited!!!!! Go SteemMonsters Go!

Excellent work! Looking forward to the show! :)

I'll aim to be there for hopefully both of them. However I have a book deadline of my own from my physical book publisher so things are a bit crazy. haha

I could write some creative stuff for ya, it might get a little wild and crazy though.

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Go! interesting projects @aggroed, you are very motivating, excellent, I congratulate you, THANK YOU for sharing!

Map waves wooow

So how do we writers get involved in Splinterlands?

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@aggroed please check out some of my material on my blog and see if my writing is something you could utilize for the backstory. I am a very avid D&D player, namely a DM, so I have written and designed tons of different custom gaming scenarios, down to the structure of towns and villages up to the pantheon of Gods, all custom created. I'd be interested in joining in. Also, I have a side project I have been working on for some time, over a year now, an RPG that you guys may be interested in collaborating with me on. At any rate, I am on Discord as LuckyDev#1969. I hope to hear from you guys!

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