God Waves #36 - Special Broadcast - Dr. Chuck Missler - Transhumanism

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Dr. Chuck Missler 1934-2018

Dear God Waves Listeners,

Today, we celebrate the life of Dr. Chuck Missler. Chuck passed away last week at age 83.
He was a prolific computer scientist, passionate human being and amazing bible teacher.

Dr. Misslers Influence in my Life

When I came to Christ in February 2011, I came across this most knowledable Bible teacher who related Scripture to science, technology, culture and history. His teachings enabled me to relate the Word of God to current events and my personal life. Were it not for Dr. Missler, I may have not grown so deeply rooted in faith.

Dr. Missler taught me and millions of people around the world, that the Bible is an integrated message system from outside of our time domain - that the Word of God was to be taken serious.

Decisiong Makin Made Easy

This helped me in crucial decision making in my personal and professional life - even with the most difficult decisions I could have imagined. It gave me unrivaled courage in Christ. Dr. Missler enabled me to relate God's work to current events and personal happenings in my life.

Dr. Missler made God relevant to me.

Serious and Relevant Bible Study

Today's God Waves Broadcast on MSP Waves honors the life and teachings of Dr. Missler and his ministry Koinonia House. Koinonia House continues its valuvaluable ministry. I am studying now for the Bronze Medallion, given me deeper knowledge of God's Word and a greater appreciation of our Lord.

Globalism - Technocracy - Transhumanism

On the forefront of evil through Satan and his followers is the destruction on man. From Genesis 3, we are introduced to the schemes of the adversary. Genesis 6 tells us about the corruption of the human genome, our DNA.

The Bible has plenty to say on this subject. As a prophecy, events are unfolding today that the Bible spoke about thousands of years ago.

Transhumanism Teaching with Dr. Missler

I will air a jewel of teaching with Dr. Missler today on God Waves on the subject of Transumanism.

This lecture gives us a taste of the depth of Dr. Misslers insights. This is not for the casual listener. It requires attention in order to follow Dr. Misslers outlines. I will from time to time press the pause button and interject with updated information.

I invite you to join me today on God Waves and celebrate with me the life and gifts of Dr. Chuck Missler. You are sorely missed, Chuck!

Guide for Christian Conduct: The Book of James

One of the best books any new Christian could read is the book of James. Here, Jesus’s brother James explains the Standard of Christian conduct. In 5 short chapters, the basics of Christian living are laid out easy to underrstand language. A guide for daily living. I recommend the book of James to anyone new to Christianity before any other book.

Join me next week as we learn from Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Solomon. This will close the short series on Biblical Leadership. The week after is a special theme:

What Really Is Hell? Soon to Come on God Waves

Explained in easy to understand format according to Scripture.

A lively session where I will debunk myths and false teachings about hell.

Anti-Christians often use the very existence of hell to argue against God's Love. And they would have a point, if the teaching they echo were correct.

Well then! Let's kill some Sacred Cows and talk about what God has to say about hell.

God Waves on MSP Waves every Sunday from 12 Noon Central

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Join us for prayer requests, daily devotionals, Christian post promotions, Christian trade/business connections, apologetics and much more. Everyone is welcome. Basic courtesy and clean language is expected. I look forward to seeing you there.

Stay blessed!

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Thank you for reading.


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Thanks man. I'm gonna check them out!

May the soul of Dr. Chuck Missler rest in the blossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian teachings of Dr. Chuck Missler has greatly imparted your life positively and a man that has live s true christian and virtuous life needs to be celebrated . I looks forward to the broadcasting of Dr. Chuck Missler teachings on Transhumanism on God Waves #36 today @globocop

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