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Globalism - The Death of Humanity

We cannot solve a Spiritual War With Political Solutions


Today on The CHAOS Show:

  • Weekly News Roundup
  • A Great Summary of the issue by Alex Jones
  • CIA’s Most Feared “Fixer” William Barr new AG?
  • The Deathmatch - Donald J Trump vs. Hillary Rotten Clinton
  • Listeners jump on the SHow to discuss current events
  • Packaged in some rocky tunes...


The Fundraiser for #familyprotection / @mayaabb continues on this and otherMSP-Waves shows.

MSP/PAL Honorary Witness and Cofounder of @Familyprotection @canadian-coconut

....soon to appear on The CHAOS Show to talk about Familyprotection.

Maya's daughter was unlawfully taken by the Ministry of Families and Children in Canada. Maya needs funds to challenge the kidnapping of her child before the B.C. Canada Supreme Court. To help, please donate any amount of STEEM or SBD to @familyprotection with the memo: MSPW Maya.

Be There or Be Nowhere - and stay safe!


How to Listen/Watch/Engage

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