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RE: God Waves #36 - Special Broadcast - Dr. Chuck Missler - Transhumanism

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favourite steemia support.jpg

I'm happy to tell you that I've chosen you for automatic upvotes as part of my new initiative "Jon Magnusson's favourite Steemians support".

This because I personally has reviewed your content and found it to be something I want to support and encourage and/or the work you do for the Steemit community.

If you believe that someone deserves my attention, please leave a comment with a link to some of their work.

(Even though I do disagree with some of your opinions, especially when it comes to Sweden) ;)


Why thank you @Jonmagnusson
There are two I'd like to draw your attention to:
My dear friend @disarrangedjane and
@planktown, a fun Steemit adventure
Jane and I hosting Jane's CHAOS show on @msp-waves.
Planktown is a parody of Steemit, with some real steemians as figures. We got musicians there, too.... :)

Thanks man. I'm gonna check them out!

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