The Alternative Lifestyle Show - starting in 70 minutes - guests @roxane, @goldendawne, @leotrap, @cecicastor & @chrisabdey

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Starting in 70 minutes we have another great set of guests from around the world on this week's Alternative Lifestyle Show.

Fronting up the show will be @roxane talking about her work running the non-profit Passeport pour la Vie – Passport for Life ASBL. Roxane will also be telling us about Fast-Reply, the great new app she has developed with @oroger.

Returning to the show @goldendawne will be updating us on her expanding cannabis growing operation now that she has been granted a Medical Marihuana Program Card.

Also on the show @cecicastor and her son @chrisabdey will be coming on to give another live update on the deteriorating situation in Nicaragua. Ceci will be reporting from her homestead near the city of Leon, while Chris will be calling in from the capital Managua.

This week will also see the launch of a new feature highlighting projects being supported by the steem based crowdfunding platform Fundition. First up @leotrap from Uruguay will be telling us about the Steem for the Kids Project.

On the show on MSP Waves Radio this Friday 6 July from 10pm - midnight UTC are :

  • @roxane - Belgium based, minimalist and passionate steem educator, leading figure in the French speaking community on steem, runs the non-profit Passeport pour la Vie – Passport for Life ASBL, recently co-developed the Fast-Reply app with partner @oroger.

  • @goldendawne - one of the leading homesteaders on the platform, a former Steward of Gondor for fulltimegeek, and a super curator extraordinaire, hailing from Michigan in the USA.

  • @cecicastor - homesteader, writer, wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, teacher, mentor... originally from Canada, now living in Nicaragua.

  • @chrisabdey - Chris is @cecicastor's son, living in Nicaragua's capital city Managua.

  • @leotrap - father in ♥, content creator, proud @Sndbox member, part of the DTubeDaily Fam, Steem and Fundition Ambassador, lives in Uruguay.


I will also be updating on my new AltLife @altlife project I have set up to reward supporters and contributors to The Alternative Lifestyle Show :

This week we will be opening and closing the show with tracks from steem musicians Darren Claxton @darrenclaxton and Davood Faramarzi @DavidFar.

I look forward to seeing you all on MSP Waves on Friday at 10pm UTC tucked in between @Uniwhisp's Emotion Integration show and the Chaos Show with @globocop.

The recording of last Friday's show with with @jackmiller, @trucklife-family, @basicstoliving and @asonintrigue is available in case you missed it :

Each week the Alternative Lifestyle Show will be covering a whole range of topics including :

  • homesteading
  • prepping
  • homeschooling
  • tiny houses
  • complimentary medicine
  • alternative energy
  • cooking, particularly low meat, vegetarian and vegan
  • permaculture and organic gardening

If you have a passion for any of these subjects and would like to come on future shows please drop a comment below or find me on Discord at Pennsif#9921.

The Alternative Lifestyle Show is on MSP Waves Radio.

It is on Fridays, 10pm - midnight UTC.

If you are not sure of your local times check :

You will be able to listen through the PAL Discord server, via or on Twitch at

While you are here check out these to see what else I do :

[ graphics by pennsif and Fundition ]


DRAT! With the heat here, I've been unable to get the who shebang up and running. Might try and see if I can listen in...

Such an eye opening episode, Thank you P and also all your brave guests

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