The Mundane as Art Round 11... Walls! (Contest by @kus-knee)

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It's almost a week from the theme announcement by @kus-knee and i was hoping to get the photo i wanted, but it wasn't a week for me. So i was browsing my collection to find the best candidate photo for this round and i believe i found it. These are some of the oldest walls in Europe if not in the World! These old walls date around 400 years BC! Where else could you find preserved walls with such age? There where all the roads leads - ROME.






And what is even more amazing is, that these centuries and millenniums old walls are now a cat sanctuary! Around 150 cats found their home among these old ruins located in the center of Rome. So if you are visiting Rome and love cats, do have in mind to stop by to check this out.



Thank you for reading! All photos are taken by me and are Steemit exclusive!

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I love that place. Its always pleasure be there :)
Beautiful shots :)

Cool photos but the cat wins :)

Yeah i didn't notice them at all at the beginning. And there are so many boards in Rome, that i didn't read that either. Only when i saw this cutie in the shade (it was very hot and in May) than i read the sign :)

That's pretty close to the Trajan column right? I did this tour which is pretty close to there (I think). At the end of the tour, they showed a 3D recreation of this area and it looked awesome.

I loved Rome so much. It was like every time I turned a corner, there was some artifact or building that was thousands of years old.

Great photos @poss!

Ohh that would be so awesome to see how this place used to look like. Do you maybe know if it's available to see online?

I'm actually going back to Rome in April, but only to the airport =). Too bad, would love to take another walking trip through the center! :)

Lepe slike

Hvala! :) Dobrodošel na Steemitu.

Wow really great amazing photography sir & nice picture...I love this post thanks for sharing

very nice, I like the colors

😍 love the colors 🔥 edited or just jpg ?

Edited with Lightroom.

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