Technical Museum in Sinsheim (Germany). Lanz HR 2. Part 55 (↻100%)

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Lanz HR 2

This model - named HR 2 - has been built from 1926 to 1931; exactly 7.230 specimens were made.

The Big-Bulldog - so called at Lanz - was the first tractor to be built on an assembly line. As fuel, brown-coal tar oil, crude oil, gasohol, paraffin oil, kerosine etc. were possible. The sale price was 5.600 RM.

Manufacturer: Lanz
Year: 1928
Power: 30 HP
Engine cc: 10.3


To be continued.


Помню что в игре про танки на первом уровне германии есть Лечтрактор! Играл лет 6-7 назад. а вот запомнил...

Hey @alexko-steemit!Thanks for information!

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science and technology has come a long way. The tractor still looks cool

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verry nice and intersthing thank you for share it and im waiting for ur next blog

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I've always wanted to visit a museum of this type, continues to delight us with more pictures like this

Wow, this tractor looks awesome and has a historic feel. This is a milestone of the times!


Woow pameran mobil antik yang sangat bagus

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Beautiful old tractor, with a nice post. I love vintage cars!!

mensch, ich beobachte dich schon einwenig länger, mir gefällt deine Leidenschaft.
Das ist so schön zu beobachten wie unterschiedlich wir sind, ne?
Am meisten fasziniert mich, das manche ihre Leidenschaft finden, sie ausleben, so wie du, und brauchen niemanden nachzumachen oder kopieren oder hinterher zu laufen, stimmts?

alles gute dir lieber @alexko-steemit