Fyrstikken - Fire & Ice

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Have you ever been caught up in a dream?
And realized while screaming, it´s a nightmare!
Do you see all the obscene?
Do you have trouble with the unseen?
Do you have an imagination, that can see across all the nations?
knowing for well deep in your heart, that their world don´t spin right.
Do you see, do you see? or have your eyes been blended with blood?
Do you cry, do you cry? for all the sadness going on?
Do you believe, do you believe? that where you live can be a better place?
Do you want, do you want? to risk another generation?

Fire and Ice, in the meltdown complete
you have lost the will to go on
Fire and Ice, you see the writings on the wall
It´s too late, it will fall (it will fall)

Maybe you are one of those that have a blizzfull life at the world around, where nothing bad really happens?
Maybe you are one of those that use to watch animations, where everything is clean and brushed and everyone has a purpose to their task.
Are you one of those that seek adventure? are you those that seek revenge?
Are you one of those that vote no to the United Nations, one of those we despise?

Fire and Ice, in the meltdown complete
there is something going on that you seek,
if you want to be free, you must fight for your right to be free, or you will be brought down.


Fire and Ice, in the meltdown complete
there is something going on
Fire and Ice when you stand against the unjust then you know that it´s time to fight!
Fire and Ice burn all the cities to the ground, there is something total wrong
Fire and Ice when you see those that are there to make your illusion complete.

Written & Performed by @fyrstikken - Editing by @elgeko


Great music and soulful voice. keep it up @frystikken

Great music and lyrics. Nice work my friend.

songs and beautiful music! my grandfather is smart: p @elgeko

thank you my dear crypto-grandson, you are smart & young. Good to see you doing great on this platform.

thanks my grandfather! thanks to your support I am always spirit!

do you need more relatives?:D

Lovely song, I like his deep male voice, the guy also played a guitar. Nice graphics there too.

wow..rock music...
love it

The music is very beautiful, so is your voice!

Lovely music and lyrics... good job sir

hey there your music video is fantastic creation.
i enjoy this video..
if you any permission,i will want your blog resteemit..

thank you very much dear..

Rock n roll! great composition with social relevance. We need this kind of music right now that will impact and has a meaningful message to what's happening right now in the world. Very current! I like the editing a lot too.

wow what a music dear just amazing it is make my day full fresh.thanks @fyrstikken

fantastic!! I like the style about it .. it is like that song "Gasoline"

put out the fire...with... Gasoliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

I love it!

That's some power poetic stuff 💥

thanks, bro, nice

You keep surprising me!

That's an awesome piece of work... for some reason, makes me want to listen to "Cities in Dust" by Siouxsie and the Banshees... thumbs up!

when i hear like this rock music...
feel like warm in my body...

rock is always awesome to me....

someone got da keysignal ......lol

I was interested on this video. Thank you for sharing.

Wow that's a rock music
love it I appreciate your music @fyrstikken 👍👍

Lovely song, great music and lyrics. Awesome work my friend
Eagerly waiting for your next post.

Nice post

Very nice. I really like this particular piece.

wow..rock music... sir

The Norvegian version of Rammstein, hahaha ;)

You've posted a very nice one, I've got your post many happy, I've seen a whole video and I love you so much that you always post this type so that we are very happy

Thank you very much

Quite interesting.

interesting music video. nice pictarization. leric and taking both are good. effective presentation. nice...

damm those lyrics nice video

I see your full video very interested, I like this video you are great man bro. Thank you.

Thank you very much

that was great editing also by @elgeko
awesome.....in this situation...

already @RESTEEMED###

wow great music super boss..

Good songs

super music

Pretty impressive original works. It's dark but poignant. Well done.

@fyrstikke That was an exceptionally passionate piece of writing. I am enormously curious to hear your personal attachment and elaboration of it.... as it was VERY obviously written quite close to your heart.

Powerful words, poetry's strengths arising from photon ghosts to a mind awaken.


Wow... a voice halfway between James Hetfield and Roger Daltrey... AMAZING!

good information, thanks for you.

Lovely song. I really love your song bro

The cadence hits the sweet spot. Nice track! Should consider doing a full-fledged recording and mix :)

i like this song ... and i like to wacth this video

Excellent. Killer and unique voice! Music makes me want to just ....... go get in the car......... and drive............enjoyed.

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Rock 'n roll buddy boy!! Nice:)

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Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

nice work.. i loved the song!

Excellent music really mind touch..i like it

music touch my heart and lyrics was mind blowing

Excellent music and lyrics. Like your voice. Thanks for sharing @fyrstikken

Nice 👍

nice music video full hd.. super👌

I like it awesome bro

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kdjakirtgl so you will worked with me

you raw. lets start a band

super & rocking music..🎷

i like this music..re-steem

.this is like 98% rotoscoped (not a bad thing exactly, but is why the physics in the animation seems so good). For those who don't know what rotoscoping is, it's tracing an image frompic into another pic

wow you shared a nice song
thnx for sharing this song
and i hope you succes on steemit
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really nice video I like this..

Great post thank you

good song, so many good questions and a few good answers...

I catch a nice dream with your, your fire and ice post is great, it's amazing

The song and music are more than wonderful
The singer is more than wonderful

Try watching this without crying... impossible.


Amazing music really nice.really mind touch music..

Outstanding music & lyrics

Did you gargle with drawing pins to get this voice? :)
Anyway, cool song and video!

Very Wonderful music video. I am enjoying it very much.

Nice Fyrst, strong meaning, and after listening it for a few hours with some breaks now I'm really into the song haha, the melody is really catchy and YES, I do believe - I do believe that where I live can be a better place!
Keep on doing and nice edit by @elgeko as well!

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3:50 haha that part cracked me up :P
Fire and Ice!!

rocking music really super..

what a music super.. like it so much

Yes, this is a very good rock song.

your music video graphical design really awesome, i like your music,
@followed and upvoted

Nice one ☝🏽
I'm new nice to be here

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wow really nice mind touch music

Yes, I want all the people of the world to be happy to see themselves happy. This is a mistake?

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good man

really nice song but it would have been better if without noise in the beginning

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Wonderful that's a rock music @fyrstikken
intersting post @fyrstikken
thanks for sharing......///

Thumbs up 👍

Great music and you very cool.

Well, only once in my life I had a dream, that woke me up and I actually felt scared. Not sure, if it was because I abused weed a little bit for some time around when it happened or what, but I rarely do have any dreams and if I do have any they are happy or realistic and it was only this one time, when I had a nightmare :)

Outstanding music @fyrstikken


Whoa. Rock music. I never liked this genre but the lyrics are plausible. Nice work @fyrstikken! thumbs up

Great content sir!

Beautiful work

belle musique ;)

Interesting music-video
nice post......//

Some nice piece of music!

song is awesome

wow what a music dear just amazing it is make my day full fresh.thanks @fyrstikken

wow.i like this music.
hope in future we will find this kind of post.


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