Snapshots from my music room

in #music4 months ago

A view on my Homestudio, rehearsing Room during the recordings on 'Handpicked by the night' (Remember it's gonna be out on 21st August on all streamers ;). The place is small but perfectly fitted for one man with guitar (plus some gear), to move comfortably.

Selfie Time with my microphones (I really love microphones :)

Steep angle view on the left side of the room, with gobos (sound diffusor) placed on the side.

The most convenient part since the last room rebuild, is the swiveling monitor mount. Making it easy to follow a song when recording. As it's a touchscreen the DAW can be controlled from there too, and retracted being the second Monitor to my DAW Workplace (kind of Control Room part of the Room).

Enjoy your day and stay safe, Folks


Hi! Have you heard about the music contest Music For Steem? We are looking for artists to participate

Check @musicforsteem

Hi @musicforsteem, haven't heard of it till now. Big thanks for making aware! Have a blessed day

You are welcome!

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