Sounds of Steem Volume 2 just a few hours away! Live on MSP-Waves

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Ok, so the show goes live in a little over 2 hours. The show formally starts at 11am EST and typically runs until 1pm.

What is Sounds of Steem?

Every Saturday I put together a team of Steemians to showcase some of their work, creativity, and help the audience get to know another batch of Steemians.

The second Saturday of every month is dedicated to Sounds of Steem, where I work with @isaria and @krystle to put together a group of highly talented musicians to play music live for the community. These folks are singers and song writers and represent high quality music.

If you're like me you get sick of all the low quality, highly repetitive, vapid music that's available on the radio. It's just a million iterations of shitty love stories played over and over again. What I love about this community is that real content actually makes it through. You can feel actual human emotion. You can hear a story that's touching, has meaning, and reflects how people are coping with the world around us.

Comedian Bo Burnham has a pretty funny song about just how crappy mainstream music is-

Anyway, the music here is not only good, but at times draw droppingly good. I encourage you all to join us and hear these very gifted performers share their craft with us.


Show starts at 11am today. I'll put on a few songs prior to that starting around 10:30 to let the guests get sound checked and tweak discord. You can join us by hopping into the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network.

If you're brand new please follow the instructions that are DMed to you to register your Discord and Steem account.

If you're returning or after you've registered please go to if you'd like to chat with the hosts, performers and audience.

Go here- if you'd like to listen to the show in Discord
Go to if you'd like to listen on Twitch

if you're going to be live on air please do a sound check in here:

Witness project

Just a reminder that this is part of my ongoing witness project. I'm here to help build community. The Sounds of Steem concert series is a way to support the music community on Steem and help attract a larger audience for the music and a broader set of artists looking to perform and get paid for their work. It's within the framework of the Minnow Support Project housed in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord channel, which is now home to 15,000 Steemians.

If you value having the community gathering spot of PALnet, appreciate the support minnows get through MSP, or like the radio shows coming from msp-waves to grow the community as a whole please consider voting for my Witness if you haven't already (6,000 of you have, so thank you for that!).




I know it is super late but I thought I would not be indoors today and we are due to bad weather so I am able to tune in. I am all set up because I will be doing a dlive tonight. I am joining as listener anyway but would not mind joining with a song. I will go to the soundcheck to see if there is a chance but if not I will just enjoy listening to my fellow steemit musician friends.

we'll see
I don't know the full line up. I'm open to last minute additions.

Thanks very much for allowing me in to share. I had a great time listening to everybody too.❤️

Hey @yidneth thanks for listening to the show today!
I hope you enjoyed it.

I must say it a great thing you are doing encouraging the new set of steemians that you showcase in the sound of steem, actually making them pour out their hearts using their greatest gift of nature through their voices. I already feel like partaking too. Great work bro.

thats really a mavillious music i really loved the music and your post is awsome!

Awesome work.
You have always worked for the betterment of this steem com immunity
Also what is 11am in Indian time

I'm flying for that music,,,, the music made my day... I love music...
Music for the soul
Music for the mind.
Thanks for the music share

hi @aggroed i appreciate your thinking about music quality you are right it should be based on human behaviors that ll give us actual what we want to listen mostly we found old love stories again and again by every singer which make us fed up.

I love music,

Excellent music, nice post, thanks for sharing

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Music is life.
It awoken a dead soul.
Brings a new purpose to life.
Uplift our spirit.
Give a good direction to the body which is with sync with it melody and beats.

Guys you could help me resteem this revolutionary project and benefit by being involved. Do your research also

best music i love this music

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Excellent music, nice soundsofsteem, amazing post, thanks for sharing

That's pretty cool to know

Wonderful... I'm waiting for it... 😊

This great music I like it...

I love music

Nice rundown there @aggroed, the guy in the video sounds really good. You just made me love music

i like music .. let's see a very spectacular show..

We always have your support as a community, I believe in good music because it gives joy and gladdens the heart. What genres of music do they sing?

Big ups to all the artists on the platform that are going for it!!

Awesome energy keep it going 🔟🔟🔟

woooww .. this new thing i can in steemit, i am very interested.

hooray! SOS is BAK!

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I performed on the Sounds Of Steem and thoroughly enjoyed playing and hearing all of the other superb artists!
Thanks @aggroed @isaria and @krystle for making me so welcome and for all of the heard work you do for us musicians.
I'll hopefully be able to make music ful time in the future thanks to @steemit, @msp the @openmic contest that @luzcypher has lovingly
I hope you all enjoyed the show, I certainly did!!
@mrbloom aka Darren Claxton

It’s awesome!