AMVTV Recommends: THROWBACK | Music: Diamond Eyes | Anime: YuYu Hakusho | 5 SmartCash GiveAway!

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Hello Readers,

This is the 4th entry in a series that shows you an AMV we enjoy and provides some information about the featured music and anime in the AMV. Today we are talking about Throwback created by BecauseImBored1.

We're switching gears again, this time showing an older anime backed up with an intense hard rock soundtrack.

Check it Out!

Music: Diamond Eyes by Shinedown

Shinedown is a rock group from the US, if you would like to dig into their history you can check out their Wikipedia page here. If the song sounds familiar, you may have heard it first in the movie The Expendables.

Image Source

The song was created at the request of Stallone for the movie! Here's the quote from the lead singer, "A few months ago we got a phone call from a very interesting individual. It's not everyday that Rambo and Rocky call you at the same time. Sylvester Stallone wanted a song for his new movie, called The Expendables. He said write me something that will personify not only the South, but what rock truly is." Source.

Anime: YuYu Hakusho

Image Source

The story follows Yusuke who sacrifices his life saving a child from being struck by a vehicle. He then passes a series of tests while in the afterlife in order to be brought back to life. He becomes a "spirit detective" who investigates demons and other spiritual entities. Oh yeah and he kicks a lot of ass while doing it!

If you want to read more about it you check the Wikipedia page Here. Or watch it now on Hulu! If you don't have a Hulu account, consider using my referral code.

If you are enjoying this series or have any suggestions please leave a message in the comments.

In order to encourage participation and get a better understanding of what you the viewer enjoys I will be I will be giving 5 SmartCash to one random comment on this post!


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Yu Yu Hakusho is well know as Ghost Fighter in my country... one of my childhood favorite. I remember watching it while doing my homework!

I really enjoyed Yuyu Hakusho back in the day, one of my early exposures to anime in general, plus the main character dies at the beginning of the series! how cool is that!?

Death note is my all time favorite anime :D And the soundtrack at the opening is just out of this world!! There's an English version to it, but the Japanese version is way more superior even though I understand nothing haha!!! I can't find the Japanese name of the song but this is the song

I read the Death Note manga when it first came out and when I got to the end I wished I could have that period of my life back to do something else. Worst resolution to a story i've seen since Legend of Windaria

I haven't read the death note manga....but I loved the anime series!! Does the story differ between the manga and the series?

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Thanks again :D

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There we go, sorry for the delay :)

Haha no worries, thanks man!!

Throwback!!! Yu Yu Hakusho was the show back in the days. I was in elementary at the time and I used to watch that and other og animes on toonami. Those were the times.

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