Here Comes That Rainy Day

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Well, In Vancouver that would be about 666 fuckin' rainy days in a row especially since the retardians got hold of the weather control knobs again:D
Oops, that would get me a Youtube strike! Ahhh, but this is Steemit where the whales get to mute you in every way imaginable! Isn't control of the money supply wonderful! Just bloody wonderful, isn't it?
So, this is my first tune in G-major as I continue my re-exploration of jazz. It was sounding really sweet with all the harmonics flying off the guitar but I doubt recording in this way really captures how it sounds here, but that's life. Towards the end, I'm trying to learn how to solo key changes while moving up and down the neck in semitones. Perhaps that's an adventure for next winter but for now,​ the next song starts with the line, ' The song the robin sings through years of endless spring'....??? Name that tune Steemit jazzers!
An update on Westworld: our demiurge killed off the lead female of the corporation and I couldn't help but wonder if that was another dismissing of Sophia? The lead Archon of the corporation is now revealed to be A.I. --The Greys?


Musical abilities 100 as usual.
Sofia will advance biotechnology in the medical industry. That being said .... robots could be VERY bad

The first episode of 2004's Battlestar Galactica when 6 and the Cylons nuke the planets is a shocking classic for sure.
That most of us were using outhouses 100 years ago compared to robotic tech we have today leads me to speculate that this isn't random evolution; something else is going on.
And thanks chelsea:) I hope you're well!

No it certainly is not random evolution

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bring it on ...already resteemed.

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