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RE: Devil on my back! OnklP/Damien/Fyrstikken

in #music3 years ago

Hi @fyrstikken, Just landed here after seeing your post trending at Steemit. Listened to this cover song and found it full of emotions...the lyrics, the vocals and the background music all make it a good art. This is probably my very first comment on your posts. I'm new on this amazing platform Steemit and just trying to learn all the basics things of blogging. Just followed you and I believe you can share some blogging tips for newbie like me to make my Steemit journey awesome. Lastly, what are the benefits of choosing someone as your witness? Does that person become your mentor? Is it like that? Sorry for being offtopic but I hope you don't mind. Have a great day!


Nice you have superb voice and nice lyrics
Thanks for sharing here with us
God bless you