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Last weekend, I went to Denver, CO, to see three nights of Phish. It was their sixth time visiting Commerce City, CO, to play at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. I had a blast, and the band was playing great.

One of the highlights of the weekend was this stellar Carini, played on the first night:

Phish has been webcasting every show for a couple years now. They're typically only available to paying customers, but occasionally they will throw us a bone and stream one for free. And as an additional perk, those shows stay up on YouTube after the broadcast ends.

They webcast night 3 for free. Check it out:

On top of that, they post teasers of each show/set to social media that have a live stream of the first song(s) to promote the full webcasts. Those stay on YouTube as well.

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Dicks!


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