Afterhour-bicycle-trailer crowdfunding action for mobile parties in vienna

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First there was a vision. The vision was to have a party wherever you want, whenever you want. Then there came version one of the afterhour-bicycle-trailer.

During a walk in the sourroundings of Graz we found an abboundoned house in forrest. As we walked through the entrance it seemed as there would have been a zombie apocalypse in this place. All the stuff in the house was standing there as if someone had left this place in a hurry. Even full beerbottles on the table. So we started searching for useful stuff. When we came to the workshop, there was the bicycle trailer standing in the corner. Instantly like an epyphany there was a connection to our vision to make mobile parties possible. First it was used as a simple trailer to carry stuff around but then it had its first mission.  

Initially we just used it to bring all the dj equipment and soundsystem to an outlying lake where we celebrated our first non profit Open Air.

Fully loaded trailer, look at the wheels they were already breaking down

ansicht Ha nger

The day after

party untertags

After this first successfull happening the trailer was left unused for a longer time. The vision was remaining though. A year later in the summer of 2017 friends organized the "Journey to Tarab"-Festival.  This event in the beautiful "Waldviertel" seemed to be the perfect opportunity to make a prototype of the Party trailer. Without further ado the trailer was loaded onto a truck and made its way to the festival area. As Soundsystem we used a car subwoofer borrowed from a friend. The subwoofer was pretty crappy but it worked. During the festival smoke started coming out of the power adapter but luckily there were technically capable people to fix the issue.

The subwoofer


Next to the main floors it was a good addition to advance the party atmosphere. Because it was mobile it popped up randomly on the whole area wherever an extra party device was needed. Expecially in the afterhour it came to its full usage. Everyone loved it. Another positive sideffect were that visitors of the festival that brought their usb sticks could also show their dj skills...

In the end of the festival the big Soundsystem was brought away so we were left with just our trailer and it made a good job to lift the mood during the removal of the rests of the festival. Mainly it was awesome to have the trailer at burning ceremonie of the dragonhead which was reigning above the main stage.

The Dragon Stage


The Dragon Burn


When the festival ended our trailer ended too. This year we decided to start a revival but this time we envisioned a nice soundsystem, a better construction, fully foldable and always prepared for the next free magical outdoor session.

Therefore we thought we could finance it by crowdfunding. So we also came up with the idea to post it here on steemit so you can help this project easily by upvoting this post. We would also be very thankful if you send steem directly for this purpose. Just leave a message in the transaction so we know it should be used for the trailer. The idea behind all of this is to get away from the commercial party scene and uplift the idea of free party and self organization. Do you feel it?!


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Good luck to all! This is so much fun!

thank you we will keep you updated about our project.

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