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RE: Album Review #142: Bad Company (Bad Company)

in #music3 years ago

This is a gem! All the songs of the album are great, I love 'Ready For Love'. I haven't had the chance to see Bad Company live, but saw Paul Rodgers with Queen in 2008 in Barcelona. He sang 'Seagull', it was awesome.
In 2013 I had the chance to book Mick Ralphs for Calella Rockfest, the festival that I organize. He came with a blues-rock formation but played some Bad Company songs.


I was actually fortunate enough to have seen Bad Company live in Denver...I believe it was the Run With The Pack tour. Dave Edmunds was the opening act. They were really good. Not a lot of stage presence as I recall, but they sounded amazing. Paul Rodgers is one amazing front man, and the songs from this album are great. I play "Seagull" sometimes live myself.

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