My Talent Show Performance

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, back in April, I won the award for most creative in Rustin's annual talent show. I neglected to post my performances on here, so I will be posting them in this post. Here are my performances (2 Original Compositions and 1 Hymn):

1st Performance (Prelude):My Doubts Resolved (Original Composition)

2nd Performance: I The Lord of Sea and Sky (Here I Am Lord)

3rd Performance: Emily's Eyes (Original Composition)

This performance was fun, especially considering that there was barely an audience, so I didn't get nervous. Please remember to leave feedback, and check back later for my Wagner post (hopefully today or tomorrow)!

Also remember to check for: My weekly 7 post, As Well As My Composer Birthday Posts
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You are an amazing talent. Thank you for posting these! I can't wait to show your cousins. E really likes playing Piano Man. I showed him a video your father sent me a while ago of you playing both the piano and harmonica. He was SO impressed!

Cash recently composed a variation of a piece he's been working on with his teacher. It's obviously not at the level of your compositions, but I think its a pretty good start. I'll post it one day soon. It's only a few seconds long ; P

Keep composing and posting!

Thank you for this! My interest in music started around their age. I am very euphoric to hear that they are immersing themselves in this art. I look forward to your updates!

Nicely done. I'm always impressed by people who can sing or compose and you're doing both.

The piano was a good instrument for me because I'm completely tone-deaf, so I need to play an instrument that someone else tunes. I'd never subject anyone to my singing.

I enjoyed your music and will be watching for more. Now following you!

Extraordinary! ☆☆☆☆☆😎


Like your stuff:) "Here I am" started little too fast am I right or was it done intentionally?;)

Wow that is beautiful. Thanks for posting